Best document (viewer, editor, scanner, and creation) apps for Android [2014]

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Document viewer and creation apps have become essential for all of us with many users using them to carry out viewing, editing, and creating documents on the go. Mobile office apps have received integration with cloud storage and stable copywriting features with better performance. The usage is rising as more and more are people are turning towards using mobile devices and tablets to complete the document related work. If you’re among such users, we have listed best document (Office) viewer, editor, and viewer apps for Android apps.

Microsoft Office Mobile

Price: Free

Download Link: Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft Office Mobile For Android

Come on, we all know about Microsoft Office, isn't it? This name is so familiar with document creation that many people think that they replace the term documents with MS Office. When Microsoft Office Mobile made itself available on Android, it sent a happiness signal to all the writers and office workers. Now, users can to create, edit and save MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel files across their mobiles and tablets, and all this is for free ( with a little requisite of having a Microsoft e-mail account for the access). It was even free for business users as well, but they were required to have an associated login ID with a paid desktop version for the verification.

OfficeSuite 8 + PDF to Word

Price: Free (with In-App purchases)

Download LinkOfficeSuite 8 + PDF to Word

OfficeSuite 8 + PDF To Word For Android

OfficeSuite 8 + PDF comes with a desktop like user interface and cloud back-up feature. Apart from ability to open and edit Office, PDF, and Open Office documents, it boasts other special features such as PDF security and editing features (digital signatures, permissions management, add text to PDF, annotations). You can even scan physical documents and convert them in PDF files. It has majority features such as Spell checker, predictive text keyboard, and Microsoft compatibility Font Pack.

Premium Features

  1. Tracking changes in the documents.
  2. Converting PDF files to Word, Excel or ePUB formats.
  3. Compatibility with Open Office document formats; ODT, ODS, and ODP.
  4. Allows opening and editing password protected files.
  5. Spell checker
  6. Predictive text keyboard
  7. PDF camera scanner
  8. Microsoft compatibility Font Pack

WPS Office (previously Kingsoft Office)

Price: Free

Download LinkWPS Office

WPS Office For Android

WPS Office (previously known as Kingsoft Office) is among the best free Office apps for Android ecosystem. It is completely free and, is widely used by people who want a basic app for opening and editing document and Office files such as DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT, PDF and more. It is a great app which is updated frequently and it has cloud storage support. It can be used to share document files through Wi-Fi and DLNA.

Other features include auto-save so that you don't lose changes if the phone, or the app crashes. It is completely free doesn't mean that it misses out on a spell checker, Evernote integration and cloud storage compatibility.

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Google Drive Apps (Docs, Sheets, and Slides)

Price: Free

Download Link: Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides

Google Docs Slides Sheets For Android

We used to know it as Google Drive, but now, Google has separated in to three different apps; Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets. It features much more utility tools than ever. The users can access their cloud-synced files through Google Docs, open, edit, and create new documents. It is compatible with Microsoft Office documents as well as PDF and Open Office documents.

These apps are thin on features but if you are someone like me who is heavily invested in Google services and don't want too many options, these are the apps to go. As an added attraction, it is paired with Google’s in-house locker service. This amazing app packs in all documents, images and digital files, at one place. All important data is automatically backed up on Google’s servers for cloud access on computers, smartphones, tablets, and other compatible devices such as Chromebooks.

Scanbot - PDF Document Scanner

Price: Free (with In-App Purchases)

Download LinkScanbot - PDF Document Scanner

Scanbot For Android

An ultra advanced version of the document scanner, which was found under the Google Docs app. It can be used to scan physical documents and import it to PDF and Office formats. The best feature about Scanbot is, its automatic edge detection resulting into faster image capture. It allows converting scans into greyscale or black and white colours. It also supports scanning QR codes and other relevant information such as contacts, locations, events, and more.It also comes with combined multi-page document scanning as well as document signing features. You can share these files with others or save them to various cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive.

Premium Features (In-App Purchases)

  1. Text recognition (OCR)
  2. Colourful themes
  3. Smart file renaming
  4. Document editing

Did you try these document creation apps? Did you like them? Do you think that we missed any important application in this list? Share your experiences and thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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