Here’s How You Can Keep On Backing Up Photos to Google Photos From Tomorrow

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Google's deadline for unlimited, free storage of high-quality photos ends today, with Google Photos limiting the storage starting June 1, which is tomorrow. The images and videos that have been uploaded earlier will be exempted and will be omitted from the 15GB default storage that comes free with a Google account.

This might be worrying to you if you have reached the limit or are close to it, so we will be listing out some ways to ensure that you can upload your pictures, at least for the time being.

How to Keep On Uploading Images in Google Photos

As mentioned above, if you have reached the limit of 15GB or are close to it and do not want to splurge on a paid plan as of now, there are certain options that you can make use of.

The key of these options is to change the quality settings of the photos from original to low or medium and make use of the free up space tool that Google has introduced to make sure that unwanted pictures do not clutter your storage. This can be done by going to the Manage Storage section.

Here is a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to do so.

Step 1:  Go to Google One

Step 2: Select the option to Manage Storage or Free up account Storage.

Step 3: Free up account storage from the option that is called Get your space back, present in a specific section.

Step 4: Here you can easily see the deleted files from Google Drive as well as emails that have large-sized attachments including spam emails that can be cleared to create additional space.

Step 5: Select the review option and free junk data.

Now, in case you have reached the 15GB limit and need to get access to the Google Photos backup, here are the rates for the same.

1. 100GB This storage plan offered by Google is priced at Rs 130 a month, with a yearly plan for Rs 1300. The plan provides 100 GB storage as well as extra member benefits with the option to add family members, and access to Google experts.

2. 200GB: The second storage plan offered by Google is priced at Rs 210 a month and Rs 2100 for a year. It offers 200 GB of storage and extra member benefits complete with the option to add family members and access to key experts from Google.

3.2TB: The premium plan offered by Google is priced at Rs 650 a month and Rs 6500 for a whole year with additional benefits. Google also provides VPN services for this plan in the US, with a likely expansion for the same in India.

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