AT&T Wins the 5G Network Race in the US: Report

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A report compiled by RootMetrics turned out to be positive for AT&T subscribers. The report revealed that the American telecommunications company is winning the 5G race in the US. RootMetrics new report was linked with testing of 5G network performance across 45 US cities. Apart from AT&T, T-Mobile also received significant recognition in the report. The report shed light on the fact where AT&T has superior 5G download speeds and reliability and T-Mobile has the best 5G network availability.

AT&T Led the 5G Competition

If you are not aware, the best 5G speed is achieved when a telecom operator provides fast speeds across all the three defined metrics in the same city, which are median, 5th percentile and 95th percentile. RootMetrics considered all the metrics while compiling the report. AT&T not only led the competition in fastest 5G median speed but also clocked on fastest best and worst case 5G download speeds.

The report summarised that AT&T delivered robust download speeds with a combination of the fastest worst case, median and best 5G speed in nearly 14 cities. As mentioned in the report, T-Mobile reported the fastest speed across all three metrics in six markets. On the other side, The American multinational communications Verizon reported high speed across the metrics in three markets. RootMetrics also revealed that AT&T delivered a median download speed of 50 to 100 Mbps in 31 markets. T-Mobile and Verizon did the same in 11 and 10 markets, respectively.

T-Mobile Offered 5G Services Across 45 Cities

The report also revealed that T-Mobile was the only telecom operator out of three networks to provide a 5G network in all 45 cities where the test happened. AT&T and Verizon offered 5G services in 44 and 43 cities, respectively. However, AT&T turned out to be a more reliable and stable network than both Verizon and T-Mobile. RootMetrics marked that AT&T, from a market perspective, received 99.5% 5G data reliability. The entity further added that the mid-band spectrum could help telecom operators achieve faster 5G speeds. As telecom operators are adding more C-band spectrum in their pack, users can expect faster speeds soon.

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