Verizon Deploys Network Repeaters to Enhance 5G Connectivity

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The American multinational telecommunication entity Verizon plans to amplify its 5G footprint in the US region by deploying network repeaters from SureCall and FRTek. The massive customer base of Verizon in the US will soon witness increased 5G Ultra Wideband coverage for 5G business, home and utility connections.

What are Network Repeaters?

In case you are not aware, network repeaters take signals from nearby cell sites of the telco and hoist the signal from those sites for retransmission to previously untouched areas. The retransmission of signals makes the undeserved areas crucial for 5G networks in populated dense areas.

Extension of 5G Service Footprint in the US is Cost Effective: Adam Koeppe

Adam Koeppe, Senior Vice President of Planning and Technology for Verizon, stated that the company had doubled the reach of 5G services in significant mmWave markets by including small cells. Now, Verizon strives to deploy network repeaters to elevate network performance. Koeppe also stated that the extension of the 5G service footprint in the US region using network repeaters is a cost-effective, fast and efficient way.

SureCall’s Network Booster Can Run on Solar Energy with No Power Connection

Horizon, a patent-pending 5G mmWave network booster developed by Horizon, will help Verizon expand 5G coverage and deliver high-speed connections in a cost-effective manner. Also, SureCall’s network booster provides the largest coverage footprint with power efficiency. The network booster has the capability to run on solar energy without a power grid connection.

PrimAer, the cutting-edge network booster technology by FRTek, will allow Verizon to direct 5G mmWave service in remote areas using the FRTek software. Mill Woo, CEO of FRTek, stated that the company is thrilled that Verizon has opted for PrimAer as part of their 5G strategy. The company is looking forward to being a part of Verizon’s 5G expansion in the US.

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