Apple’s New Mixed Reality Headset will Allow Users to See Invisible Things

According to a recent patent filing by the Cupertino tech giant, the MR headset may enable users to see objects that are invisible to the human eye.


  • Users may be able to see past locked doors using Apple's MR headset.
  • The new function was discovered in an Apple patent application.
  • It's anticipated that the MR headset will be known as Apple Reality Pro.

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Apple's latest patent filing suggests that its mixed reality (MR) headset would let users see objects that are unseen. It emphasises that consumers would be able to observe Wi-Fi signals and gas leaks. According to reports, the MR headset will employ additional signals to enable this function. By displaying the sound waves, it might also make it possible for musicians to tune their instruments. It may monitor heat patterns as well, which could aid in the early detection of fires. It has been suggested that the headset might also enable users to view within cabinets by generating an augmented reality (AR) overlay.

Apple MR Headset Features

Apple's MR headset would reportedly measure heat patterns to look out for any fires nearby in order to keep wearers safe. According to rumours, the device uses an infrared sensor to let wearers perceive heat, which may help them spot flames through walls. According to reports, the headgear displays the invisible objects as an overlay over the AR view of the environment the user is in. Invisible objects to the naked eye could be visible to users of the Cupertino tech giant's MR headset, according to a recent patent application, according to a report by Patently Apple. The rumoured headset is said to enable users to alter the location of the router by sensing Wi-Fi signals and gas leaks.

It would also assist musicians tune their instruments by visualising the sound waves. The proper note is believed to be created as an overlay over the sine wave. The rumoured Apple headgear is believed to create an AR overlay that will allow users to see what is hidden behind locked cabinet doors. According to reports, it would sync the recorded video from the moment the user opens a cabinet with their current perspective and location.

According to recent reports, Apple may release its MR headset in 2023. It is rumoured that the corporation is developing three new headsets with the model numbers N301, N602, and N421. According to rumours, the company's first MR headset will be branded Apple Reality Pro and will likely compete with Facebook's planned AR-VR device.

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