Apple iPhone 13 Might Feature ProMotion Display Technology

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Apple’s most anticipated product of 2021, iPhone 13 is expected to launch later in the year. The premium smartphone is expected to feature the ProMotion display technology that none of the other iPhones do. So what is so cool about this technology, and what is it exactly? The answer to this question might already be known to several iPad Pro users. For the unaware, the iPad Pro is the only other device from Apple that features the ProMotion display technology. Keep reading ahead to find out what it is and how it will change the way users interact with an iPhone’s display.

iPhone 13 With ProMotion Display, How Will it Look like?

According to a report from Gizmochina, the Apple iPhone 13 might feature the ProMotion display. In simple words, the device might come with support for higher refresh rates. The iPhone 12 series was expected to support 120Hz refresh rate, but while that didn’t happen, the iPhone 13 series has a strong chance of getting it.

The ProMotion display technology is expected to intelligently adjust the refresh rate on the screen depending on the type of content being played. This new technology may equip iPhone 13 to go up to two, three, and even four times the native refresh rate. Thus, you might see the iPhone 13 supporting 120Hz, 180Hz, and 240Hz refresh rate.

As per the report, Apple has already filed the patent for the new iPhone display supporting variable refresh rate. iPad Pro supports ProMotion display where users can notice the refresh rate of the device switching to 120Hz at times.

However, one concern with such a high refresh rate iPhone can be the dull battery life. iPhones aren’t seen as the best when it comes to long battery life, and that is when the device only supports up to 60Hz refresh rate. Double, triple, or quadruple that and it just might be a battery life disaster for Apple and its users.

However, Apple is expected to sort it out, and a higher refresh rate than 60Hz would certainly be a refreshing thing to see in an iPhone.

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