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What happens when all the goodness of multiple ideas or features come together in just one single App? Yes, the same awesomeness happened in case of TUme App. Might be this App was designed and developed keeping in view of being a “Global Communicator”. TU Me is a free, all-in-one global communicator that puts text, calls, photos, voice Messages all on beautiful timeline in your conversations.


What TUme is:

1. It’s all about 5, the five fantastic features. Using TUme app (Android) you can call, Text, send Location Map, Share photos, Send voice Messages to people in your contact list who are also using TUme.

2. Never loose your data-TUme uses your Contact Number after a simple SMS Text verification as your user id. So even if you uninstall/reinstall a number of times you will still have all your account data backed up to cloud for a period of 1year.

3. TUme automatically scans your phonebook and lists all users using TUme in your TUme friends list (It doesn’t check/upload your contacts to its servers or cloud so you can rest in peace of security). You can also invite contacts who are not using TUme very easily from the invite option built-in.

4. Secure and Private-All messages are encrypted and images will be delivered to your TUme friends securely.

5. Where’s the party? Share your Map location with just 1 click with your TUme friends.

6. HD quality Sound-Free Voice calls anywhere- Call anyone on TUme using your Data Connection-Mobile or Wi-Fi.

7. Identify easily if your TUme contacts are online via the green symbol on the top right corner of the contact image.

8. Although TUme has daily fair-use limits for calls and texts, you never run out of the limits if you are like most users.

9. Search Feature- You can search all your Conversations easily with the built in search feature.

10. You will even have a notification just above for every individual conversation regarding its status - sending,sent and received -awesome isn’t it?


What I felt is missing?

1. Status Message feature is just missing.

2. Also the ability to change availability to busy/online/offline is also missing but i don’t think this will effect user experience in anyway.

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This app is presently available only on IOS (Version 5 and higher) and Android (2.3 and up) while the company promises support for other platforms soon. Give this awesome app a try, suggest your friends and let me know how you felt after an experience.

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