Tata Docomo Hiking the Tariff, No Details over Website Confusing Subscribers

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Tata Docomo Tariff HikeTata Docomo already joined the tariff hiking spree, now another update. Tata Docomo has increased their 3G offerings and SMS packs tariff in either hike in price or decrease in the validity of the pack.

Earlier SMS pack STV 6 was offering SMS at 1p for 30 days, now it is 3paisa per SMS - three times hike! Another 3G STV pack worth Rs 53 has got the validity reduced to 60 days instead of 90 days. Also very popular 3G data pack Rs 246 + Rs 4 (which includes 1GB 3G data & Rs 219 talktime) has been withdrawn from online recharge option for some customers.

Now from website data it is not clear is it withdrawn or not as it is not updated till. Most importantly Tata Docomo is yet to pass this information towards the retailers who makes most of the recharges to subscribers.

Also Tata Docomo introduces 3G unlimited pack for Rs 250, which including 1GB 3G data and then unlimited internet access at just 64kbps. There will full talktime (Rs 250), which will be valid for 30 days for existing customers and lifetime validity for new customers. The call rate will be 1.2paisa per second.

Interestingly Tata Docomo website shows a 3G pack worth Rs 255 which includes 1GB data for 21 days from the subscribers' perspective it seems Tata Docomo, counted for easy and understandable tariff plans is just forgetting their simpleness which makes the brand popular (let's forget their customer base).

Pioneered in presence over social networking sites, Tata Docomo is delayed to update latest tariff plans over their official site. Forget the tariff hike, Tata Docomo fails to communicate to its subscribers to pass the information regarding plan changes.

Inputs : @Adarsha_Bhat

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