Android 10 Was Installed in 100 Million Devices in First 5 Months

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Google’s one of the most prized possessions is Android. Android was acquired by Google back in 2005. Everyone is familiar with what Android is. Now, Google keeps on working and developing the Android system to provide a better smartphone experience to Android users. Different smartphone manufacturing companies such as Samsung, OnePlus, and many more, they take the different Android versions and put them into their devices. Since Android is free and open-source, these companies don’t have to pay Google to use it. They just take the Android, make a system build around it and push it with their smartphones. But yes, they do have to pay Google some kind of royalty for the patented stuff. The Android 10 has become the fastest adopted Android version ever.

Android 10 Installed on 100 Million Devices in Five Months

According to a report, Android 10 was installed on 100 million smartphones in just a matter of five months from its launch. It was launched in September 2019. The Android 10 adoption rate was 28% faster than its predecessor Android 9 Pie. Google says that the higher and faster adoption rate is just a testament to the improvements they have been making. Hardware companies don’t have to face a lot of hassle in creating new updates anymore.

Still, Google hasn’t provided complete information for the Android 10. A question like, what percentage of Android devices are running Android 10? The reason why Google omitted to tell this might be that the numbers are much lesser than what Google expected or liked. The last time Google gave a breakdown on the Android systems information was about Android 9 Pie in August 2019. Android 9 Pie was installed in 22.6% of the Android devices ahead of the launch of Android 10 which might have been disappointing for Google.

Apple, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have this problem. Currently, over 81% of the iPhones have iOS 13 installed. This is possible because of the full autonomy that Apple has over its software and hardware.

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