AirTrunk Announces Expansion of SYD2 Data Centre in Sydney

AirTrunk is embarking on the final two phases of expansion for its SYD2 data centre, increasing its capacity and reinforcing its commitment to meet the rising demand for cloud services in the region.


  • AirTrunk initiates construction for the final two phases of its SYD2 data centre in Sydney.
  • The expansion will increase the capacity of SYD2, supporting the growing demand for cloud services.
  • The SYD2 data centre incorporates sustainable design elements to minimize environmental impact.

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AirTrunk Commences Construction for Final Phases of SYD2 Data Centre

AirTrunk has announced the commencement of construction for the final two phases of its SYD2 data centre, located in the northern suburbs of Sydney. AirTrunk says the 70 MW capacity expansion will increase the overall capacity, reinforcing its commitment to meeting the escalating demand for cloud services in the region.

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Capacity Expansion for SYD2 Data Centre

According to the statement, SYD2, AirTrunk's flagship data centre in Australia, is set to witness its total capacity increase to over 120 MW following the completion of this expansion. Alongside its existing data centres, SYD1 and SYD3 in Western Sydney, as well as MEL1 in Melbourne, AirTrunk's comprehensive Australian platform will provide a collective 700 MW of capacity, facilitating the rapid growth of cloud computing within the region.

Timely Completion and Safety Record

According to AirTrunk, with a dedicated 200 MVA 132kV substation in place, the SYD2 data centre is well-prepared to accommodate the forthcoming expansion. AirTrunk's track record of deploying large-scale capacity with exceptional speed is highlighted once again, with the completion of the two-phase expansion anticipated in 2024.

AirTrunk also highlighted that the SYD2 data centre's construction has maintained a safety record, boasting zero lost-time injuries throughout the process.

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Sustainable Design for Environmental Impact Reduction

According to the statement, in line with AirTrunk's sustainability initiatives, the design of the SYD2 data centre incorporates measures to minimise its environmental impact. With an industry-low design power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.15, the data centre employs cutting-edge technologies such as high-temperature air-cooled chillers with free cooling capabilities.

Additionally, customised fan wall units optimise waterside economisation at the chillers, resulting in a 20 percent reduction in cooling equipment energy consumption.

AirTrunk is a hyperscale data centre specialist creating a platform for cloud, content and large enterprise customers across the Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) region.

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