Bharti Airtel to Soon Launch Xstream Fiber Plus Mesh Plan for Broadband Users

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Demand for broadband internet is increasing day by day. One thing that none of us likes is a disturbance in the connection of the internet if we are a little far from the router. Not every part of the home can provide the same kind of connectivity and speed. To solve this problem, there are many things that a user can do. But one of the best ways to solve is to get a mesh router for your home. Bharti Airtel’s Xstream Fiber has become one of the most popular broadband services in India. The telco looks to solve the customer's connectivity problems in the same way as suggested above. Bharti Airtel is soon going to launch an Xstream Fiber Plus Mesh plan for the users.

Airtel Xstream Fiber Plus Mesh Plan

Xstream Fiber provides four plans to users. But none of the plans from the telco come with a mesh router. For the unaware, a mesh router is an additional router which is connected to the main router placed in your home and kept in the other part so that internet coverage and connectivity around the house can be improved.


Now Airtel will provide such a mesh router with its broadband plans. The telco is going to avail a new plan called Airtel Xstream Fiber Plus Mesh plan very soon. According to Airtel app’s description on the Google Play Store, “What’s the Fiber Plus Mesh Plan – A super plan which comes with a Mesh device that will increase the broadband coverage at your home. Now, this plan like all broadband plans will be visible in plan recommendations. You can pre-pay & pick this plan.”

There are options for users to get their own mesh routers in case they want to. In fact, some of the users are already doing that. So it will be interesting to see just what other value can Airtel add with its new plan. Is it going to make the mesh router available at a cheaper rate or going to offer more than one mesh router, only time will tell. The telco hasn’t confirmed any details about the plan’s cost or if the mesh router will be added to all the pre-existing plans as well or not.

As per the Airtel’s website terms and conditions, users will be availed with the mesh service only when they purchase a plan of up to one year. Along with that, if the user doesn’t opt for a plan after the ending of the first year and ends the service before the minimum period of two years, then Airtel will take back its mesh device. The listing is live in Play Store but the telco is yet to provide any more official details about the plan and unveil it on its website.

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