Airtel vs Idea Cellular vs Vodafone Postpaid Plans Comparison: Who is the Best Postpaid Operator?

As telecom operators continue to fight over market share, there are new prepaid and as well postpaid plans introduced every other day. Bharti Airtel, Idea Cellular, and Vodafone India have launched several exciting postpaid plans for their users. Recently, we have written that there’s no reason to stay on prepaid connection and you, readers, have agreed with our decision. But there are some who still wants a postpaid connection. Well, this article will clear the air on which operator those bunch of people should choose.

Bharti Airtel Postpaid

Airtel myPlan Infinity Plans

Airtel’s postpaid plans under myPlan Infinity Plans now offer 500% more data than its previous offering. Airtel is also offering data rollover service of up to 500GB with its new postpaid plans.

Airtel’s base postpaid plans start for Rs 399 and come with 10GB of data per billing cycle. The Rs 499 and Rs 799 plans now offer 30GB, 50GB data respectively. The popular Rs 999 myPlan Infinity postpaid plan has been killed as the Rs 799 plan takes its place.


The premium plans starting for Rs 1,199, Rs 1,599, Rs 1,999, and Rs 2,999 also offer insane data giving users 75GB, 100GB, 125GB and 200GB respectively.

In addition, Airtel’s data rollover service allows users to carry forward the unused data to next month. The company recently has introduced a one year offer of Amazon Prime Membership with its Infinity Plans of Rs 499 and more. Besides, the company also offers free Airtel Secure subscription for the billing cycle.

Idea Nirvana Postpaid Plans

Idea Cellular has revamped its previous postpaid tariff plans and named them as Nirvana postpaid plans. Under these Nirvana plans, Idea is offering eight postpaid plans starting from Rs 389 to Rs 2999.

Idea is offering unlimited calling and massive data with its new plans. The base Rs 389 plan comes with 10GB data, and similarly Rs 499 plan gives 20GB, the Rs 649 plan provides 35GB, the Rs 999 Nirvana plan offers 60GB, the Rs 1,299 Idea Postpaid plan gives 85GB data, the Rs 1,699 postpaid plan offers 110GB data, the Rs 1,999 Nirvana postpaid plan provides 135GB, and lastly, the Rs 2,999 postpaid plan gives 220GB data per billing cycle.

Idea Cellular Nirvana Postpaid Plan Details

Idea Cellular Nirvana Postpaid Plan Details

Apart from the base plan, unlimited calls with roaming are bundled with all plans. There’s also 100 local and national SMS per day bundled with these plans. Idea Cellular is offering free music, movies, games, and magazines subscription along with new Phone secure service for its postpaid users.

Vodafone RED Postpaid Plans

Finally, there are Vodafone RED postpaid plans which the company has classified into – RED Traveler, RED International and RED Signature. Under Vodafone RED Traveler, the plans start from Rs. 499, Rs. 699, and Rs. 999, and come with 20GB, 35GB, and 50GB of high-speed data.

The RED International plans of Rs. 1,299, Rs. 1,699, and Rs. 1,999 give users 75GB, 100GB and 125GB of data. And lastly, under RED Signature type, there are a single Rs. 2,999 postpaid plan with 200GB of data.


The all-new Vodafone RED plans offer unlimited local, STD, and national roaming calls, 100 SMS for the entire billing cycle. There is also the free subscription to Vodafone Play, Magzter, and Vodafone RED Shield bundled with these plans. Additionally plans above Rs 999 come with Netflix subscription included. Vodafone is also offering data rollover of up to 200GB for RED Traveller and RED International users and 500GB for RED Signature users.

Overall, Vodafone RED postpaid plans seem the best for the postpaid users. The free Netflix subscription with Vodafone plans is a huge benefit for the users. Finally, there’s RED Shield device protection and unlimited national roaming bundled with each of the companies’ plan. But Idea Cellular is offering marginally better data than the two operators, while Airtel has an advantage in the form of Amazon Prime Video.

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January 20, 2018 5:43 pm 5:43 PM

don’t purchase vodafone 4g services since their bandwith not support most of even 4g/lte enable phones

January 20, 2018 12:45 pm 12:45 PM

Airtel is best in postpaid..Loads of data,data rollover on all plans,proper billing,discount for family no.and responsive CC..What else you want?

Adil Wadia
January 19, 2018 2:04 pm 2:04 PM
Postpaid makes sense only if you are an international traveler who can take advantage of roaming arrangements from your operator. If you are not working for a corporate firm who is paying your phone bills, prepaid is the way to go. Prepaid offers better benefits. And for those who say postpaid gets better customer service, it is a myth. I had Vodafone postpaid moved to Jio prepaid. Still have my backup number of Vodafone Prepaid. I have been to Vodafone stores for my moms prepaid number too, and they give first class service and gave me the 84 days plan… Read more »
Airtel User
January 19, 2018 4:59 pm 4:59 PM

Even prepaid services can be used on IR.
Prepaid is best at this time, postpaid is wastage of money even if they half you bill.