Vodafone Announces Data Rollover Scheme for RED Postpaid Subscribers, Revises All RED Postpaid Plans

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Look who joined the party? It's Vodafone, who has been silent all these days without any attractive offers. Vodafone India has revised its RED postpaid plans to match Airtel's myPlan Infinity postpaid plans. And guess what, Vodafone is following the footsteps of Airtel and announced data rollover scheme, which works similar to Airtel's data rollover scheme.


So, Vodafone has divided the existing RED postpaid plans to three types- RED Traveler, RED International and RED Signature. Under Vodafone RED Traveler, the company is offering three plans of Rs. 499, Rs. 699, and Rs. 999, and under RED International, it is offering three plans of Rs. 1,299, Rs. 1,699, and Rs. 1,999. And lastly, under RED Signature type, there are a single Rs. 2,999 postpaid plan.

Let's take a close look at all the Vodafone RED postpaid plans.

Vodafone RED Traveler Plans

The all-new Vodafone RED Traveler plans offer unlimited local, STD, and national roaming calls, 100 SMS for the entire billing cycle. They also offer the free subscription to entertainment apps such as Vodafone Play, Magzter, and Vodafone RED Shield.

The Rs. 499 plan gives 20GB data, the Rs. 699 plan offers 35GB data, and lastly, the Rs. 999 plan gives 50GB data per billing cycle. Additionally, the Rs. 999 RED plan also gives a free subscription to Netflix.

Vodafone RED International Plans

Secondly, we have the Vodafone RED International Plans of Rs. 1,299, Rs. 1,699, and Rs. 1,699. As the term international itself states that they're meant for international travellers. The Rs. 1,299 and Rs. 1,699 plans give 100 international minutes and the Rs. 1,999 plan offers 200 minutes of international calls. That said, the free international minutes are valid for USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore countries.

Apart from the international minutes, these plans also offer unlimited local and national roaming calls, free Netflix, Vodafone Play, and Magzter subscription, 100 SMS per billing cycle.


The data offering differs with every plan. The Rs. 1,299 plan gives 75GB data, the Rs. 1,699 plan offers 100GB data, and lastly, the Rs. 1,999 plan offers 125GB data per billing cycle.

Vodafone RED Signature Plans

Under the RED Signature type, Vodafone has a solo plan of Rs. 2,999, which gives the user 200GB data per billing cycle. And it offers both international and national voice calling benefits. The RED Signature Rs. 2,999 plan gives 200 international minutes and there's no limit for local and national calls.

It also offers the subscription to Vodafone Play, Magzter, Netflix, Vodafone RED Shield, and just 100 SMS per billing cycle. Do make a note that these RED Postpaid plan prices are excluding taxes.

Vodafone Data Rollover Scheme

Alongside the new plans, Vodafone also announced the Data Rollover scheme, which is quite similar to Airtel's Postpaid Data Rollover promise. Vodafone customers under RED Traveler and RED International plans can accumulate a maximum data of up to 200GB, and the Vodafone RED Signature users can store a maximum data of 500GB before it gets exhausted.

Vodafone RED Together Scheme

Vodafone also announced RED Together scheme, under which customers can avail up to 20% discount by adding more members to their family.

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