Airtel Providing Linksys Velop AC 2200 Mesh Router with Fiber Plus Mesh Plan

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Bharti Airtel is said to be offering Linksys Velop AC 2200 Mesh Router to the subscribers opting for the Fiber Plus Mesh plan. The company earlier in the month had unveiled the Fiber Plus Mesh plan with a price tag of Rs 25,000 per year. The Fiber Plus Mesh plan enables users to browse up to 300 Mbps speed till 500GB per month with the operator also offering unlimited local and STD calls to any network across India. Crucially, Airtel highlighted that the Fiber Plus Mesh plan included a dedicated Linksys Velop device priced at Rs 50,000. However, the company did not highlight the exact model of the device offered to the users opting for the dedicated mesh plan.

Airtel Offers Linksys Velop AC 2200 Mesh Router with Fiber Plus Mesh Plan

It has now emerged that the company is offering the Linksys Velop AC 2200 Mesh Router with the Fiber Plus Mesh plan.

The company in a dedicated portal for the Fiber Plus Mesh plan said that the mesh system consists of nodes that are designed to work “seamlessly together” to provide “uninterrupted” coverage to users. Airtel said that its mesh system with three units has a capacity to cover around 3500 sq feet and that the users requiring additional nodes can purchase the system from the market.

“The area covered by each node also depends on the type of house, layout of house or number of walls, construction materials and various other local factors,” Airtel said in a dedicated portal.

Airtel said that its mesh system due to its “intelligent design” will be able “dynamically recalibrate itself” according to the environment resulting in “optimal speed and coverage” as compared to repeaters and extenders. The company said that the device with its multi-band technology will not be “limited by the constraints of backhaul” that typically impacts the speed of the connection.

The device is said to be covered under warranty for a period of two years and the company said that the installation will be completed within 48 hours from the time of registration.

The users are also said to be provided access to a Mesh App that acts as a “one point solution” to all the user issues.

“It shows if all the devices are properly set up and are up and running, the devices connected to the system, parental control, speed check, guest access,” Airtel said.

Linksys Velop AC 2200 Available Under Rs 40,000 on E-commerce Sites

It has to be noted that the three pack Linksys Velop AC 2200 is available on the leading e-commerce sites for a price of Rs 39,999.

Linksys on its site highlighted that its mesh system consists of a primary router connecting directly to the modem and a series of satellite nodes placed around the house for complete WiFi coverage. The company said that each node features three WiFI radios including one 2.4 GHz and two 5 GHz radios. The 2.4 GHz is said to have the capacity to handle up to 400 Mbps speed while each 5 GHz radio frequency is said to have a throughput of 867 Mbps.

Further, Linksys said that the nodes could cover up to 2000 square feet “under normal use conditions” but that the actual range depends on factors like "wireless obstructions, operating environments and building material."

The Linksys Velop AC 2200 also said to feature Linksys Shield that provides access to parental control features for filtering content and managing screen time on specific devices.

Airtel Annual Premium Plan Priced at Rs 15,290

The Premium plan currently provided by Airtel under its Fiber Plus Mesh plan is available at a monthly subscription price of Rs 1499. The users can also subscribe to the Premium plan on a yearly basis for a price of Rs 15,290 inclusive of the 15% discount that Airtel currently offers to its consumers.

Airtel in its dedicated portal for the Fiber Plus Mesh plan highlights that the users will not be allowed to move to a different plan post the installation of the mesh system for a period of one year. However, the users are said to have the “freedom to choose” the plan of their choice in the second year.

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