Airtel Digital TV Multiple Connections for Rs 94 Give Channel Flexibility and a Separate Set-Top Box

Airtel Digital TV is offering multi TV connection to subscribers for a base NCF of Rs 94

  • Previously, Airtel Digital TV used to offer Multi TV offer for Rs 80 base NCF
  • The subscribers will have to pay for pay channels on top of base NCF
  • Dish TV and D2h have a flat Rs 50 rate for Multi TV connection

When it comes to listing some of the most preferred DTH service providers in the industry, it is hard to miss out Airtel Digital TV from the list. The DTH arm of Airtel has been keen on providing better services to the customers and on luring them in on to their platform. There are special offers for the Airtel postpaid and Airtel broadband customers as well for Airtel Digital TV, wherein they can avail discounts on a combined billing of the three services. The point being that Airtel Digital TV is one of the best DTH operators you can go for. The same is especially true when you want to have multiple DTH connections at your home. Although there are other DTH operators like Dish TV and D2h which have a very attractive multi TV policy for their subscribers, there is also the multi TV policy of Airtel Digital TV which the customers might be attracted to. Now previously, the Airtel Digital TV subscribers had to pay Rs 80 for a multi TV connection, but recently this price has been changed, specifically speaking it has been increased. Here are all the details that you need to know about this.


Airtel Digital TV New Multi TV Connection Pricing

On the Airtel Digital TV website, if we navigate to the section where the company has detailed about the multi TV connection of Airtel Digital TV, we will find that Airtel Digital TV has noted that the “attractive monthly rental options start at Rs 94 per month”. To recall, previously Airtel Digital TV was charging Rs 80 per month for the Multi TV connection. This means that the subscribers who had a second TV and wanted to get a connection for that would have to pay a Rs 80 base NCF instead of the Rs 130 NCF which they usually pay for the primary connection. This base NCF would then be added to the content charges or additional NCF in case there are more than 100 SD or 50 HD channels on the second Airtel Digital TV connection. Now, this was the previous policy, as things have changed a little.

No Mirroring on Second Airtel Digital TV Connection

Airtel Digital TV subscribers with a second connection will now have to pay Rs 94 per month as the base NCF. On top of this, if they subscribe to pay channels, then they would have to pay the content charges for that particular channel as well. However, the advantage with the Airtel Digital TV multiple TV connection is that it does not mandate mirroring of channels meaning that the subscribers would be able to watch different channels at any given point of time on the two TVs.

There are some advantages of the Airtel Digital TV connection as well. For example, Airtel Digital TV has noted that the subscribers will enjoy free installation for all their connections and they would get the second connection at Rs 793. However, the details of this offer or the calculation of pricing has not been detailed by Airtel Digital TV.

D2h and Dish TV: Better Multi TV Policy

It is worth noting that when it comes to the multi TV policy, there are other options for the DTH subscribers which they can go for. D2h and Dish TV are the DTH providers which are offering the best Multi TV policy for the customers. In the case of these two DTH operators, the subscribers will only have to pay Rs 50 base NCF and nothing on top of that for a second connection. Airtel Digital TV’s multi TV policy is the second most attractive one in the list with Rs 94 of base NCF.

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