Airtel Digital TV Adds 2 New Channels, Drops 4 Channels

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Airtel Digital TV adds two new channels on its platform

Airtel Digital TV, the third-largest Direct-to-Home (DTH) operator in India has removed four old channels from its offering and has added two new ones. The DTH operator has been tweaking its platform portfolio regular intervals in recent weeks to provide its subscribers with the best content possible. Airtel Digital TV has added two channels including ‘MK News’ and ‘Music Zone.’ However, the operator has removed four channels including ‘Sahara Samay UP’, ‘Khushi TV’, ‘Sahara Samay MP’, and ‘Sahara Samay Bihar.’ Let’s take a look at what the new channels offer to the subscribers and which LCN number are they assigned.

Airtel Digital TV Adds Multiple New Channels

The first newly added channel is MK News, a Hindi news channel available to the subscribers for no additional cost on channel number 345.

The second newly added channel is Music Zone, a music channel that offers users Tamil film music and other Tamil programmes. Music Zone is available on channel number 773 and it is also a free channel.

Let’s take a look at the channels which are removed. Out of the four removed channels, 3 channels fall under the ‘news’ genre — ‘Sahara Samay MP’, ‘Sahara Samay UP’, and ‘Sahara Samay Bihar’.

Sahara Samay MP was available for free on channel number 344 while Sahara Samay UP was also available for free on channel number 333. Further, the operator removed Sahara Samay Bihar, a free channel earlier available on channel number 340.

The fourth channel removed from Airtel Digital TV platform is Khushi TV that offered subscribers spiritual content and was a free channel, earlier available on channel number 153.

We at TelecomTalk recently reported that the operator recently added multiple channels on its platform. The added channels were — Studio One+, ZeePlex Screen 1, ZeePlex Screen 2, ZeePlex HD Screen 1, ZeePlex HD Screen 2 and Korean TV’ as well. The ZeePlex is a pay-per-view channel that requires users to pay additional charges for watching content. Airtel Korean TV channel telecasts popular Korean content in Hindi and Korean audio feeds.

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