XL Axiata Expands Fiber to 63 Cities, Introduces FTTR Technology

XL SATU Fiber is now available in 63 cities and regencies, with Batam City being the latest area to benefit from the service. The use of FTTR prevents speed degradation caused by WiFi networks and ensures a smoother and more stable internet experience throughout households or buildings.


  • XL Axiata introduces FTTR technology for a better internet experience.
  • XL SATU Fiber now covers 63 cities and regencies, including Batam City.
  • Collaboration with Huawei to provide technology and network services.

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XL Axiata Expands Fiber to 63 Cities, Introduces FTTR Technology
XL Axiata, Indonesia's telecommunication service provider, has announced its fibre expansion by rolling out Fiber To The Room (FTTR) technology through its popular XL SATU Fiber service.

The introduction of FTTR aims to tackle speed degradation issues caused by Wi-Fi networks, particularly in areas with barriers like house walls and partitions that negatively impact the overall customer experience, according to the official release.

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XL Axiata said this technology ensures a seamless, faster, and more stable internet connection evenly distributed throughout residences and buildings.

XL SATU Fiber, Now in 63 Cities

The company says with the launch of FTTR, XL SATU Fiber has taken another leap forward. As part of the expansion efforts, XL SATU Fiber is now available in 63 cities and regencies, with Batam City being the latest area to benefit from this seamless internet experience.

The Advantages of FTTR Technology

XL Axiata announced that FTTR is a collaborative innovation with Huawei, utilising fibre optic cabling as a network medium, and is deployed in every room of a house or building. This smart solution overcomes the limitations of mesh Wi-Fi devices, ensuring a stable and consistent internet speed across all corners of the property.

The company says the FTTR system caters to various needs, from online video streaming and gaming to telecommuting services, providing an unbeatable smart home ecosystem experience.

Batam City: A Strategic Addition to XL SATU Coverage

According to the official release, Batam City emerged as a strategic addition to XL SATU Fiber's coverage due to its residents' enthusiastic requests and high engagement on XL SATU's website and social media platforms.

Positioned on an international shipping lane and closely adjacent to Singapore and Malaysia, Batam City presents a thriving market for high-speed internet services. The XL SATU Fiber service has been available to Batam residents since June 26, 2023.

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Promotions for New XL SATU Fiber Customers

To welcome new XL SATU Fiber customers, the company said it is offering attractive promotions. Customers can enjoy a complimentary home internet speed upgrade from up to 30 Mbps to up to 50 Mbps for the initial six months.

Additionally, the package includes a shared mobile phone quota for the entire family, along with access to a diverse selection of national and international entertainment shows from platforms like Vidio, CATCHPLAY+, LIONSGATE PLAY, WeTV, CNA, Nussa, AirConsole, YouTube, and the Google Play Store. All this comes at a competitive subscription rate of Rp 259k per month.

Expanding XL SATU Fiber's Reach Across Indonesia

Prior to Batam City, XL SATU Fiber is already available in major cities such as Jabodetabek, Bandung, Cirebon, Semarang, Surabaya, Pontianak, Makassar, Balikpapan, Samarinda, Manado, and others.

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Adding to the statement the company said XL SATU, the first convergence service in Indonesia, is a convenient service offered by XL Axiata in Indonesia. It combines home and mobile internet services into a single package, allowing customers to easily access the internet at home and on the go.

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