Xiaomi hits milestone by selling 1 million smartphones in 18 days in India

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While many of our readers keep commenting how we should avoid buying Chinese smartphones for boosting "Made in India" products, here comes the news that puts yet another feather in Xiaomi's cap. The company posted a heartfelt celebratory note on its official account on Facebook, which states its milestone sale of 1 million smartphones in just 18 days in India.

Xiaomi 1M smartphones

Truth be told, especially for the smartphone market, we cannot escape China's contribution. Be it any manufacturer (even Apple), they all import product parts from China and only the assembling work is done at their factories. Even most of the "Make in India" setups by Xiaomi or any other manufacturer - entails only assembling work. All the units located in India are doing the assembling work while the manufactured parts are shipped from China. Even if you buy any Non-Chinese smartphone, some part of its profit will still go to China as they are the ones who export the loose parts. Many Chinese manufacturers are taking steps to strengthen their relationship with India by being a part of Make in India campaign. Maybe not for greater good, but it is helpful in generating employment opportunities across the country.

Also, we would like to tell our readers that China is among our top trade partners while India is not even in the top 10 list of business partners for China. Our import figure for China is 60,413.17 Million US Dollars while we export 11,934.25 Million US Dollars for the financial year 2014 to 2015.

Coming back to the central news, Xiaomi published a post on Facebook stating its legendary sales figures that were achieved in a span of 18 days. The company made the most out of festive season purchases. In the note, Xiaomi also thanked its India head - Manu Jain. These figures yet again proved how India is the largest market for Xiaomi outside its Homeland.

Here is an excerpt from the letter that Xiaomi published on its Facebook page:

"A big round of thanks to Manu and Hugo for their outstanding leadership, to everyone at Mi India for their dedication, and to the business teams in China for their support. I am extremely proud of each one of you! I would also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all our partners in India, especially Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal for their support.

When we entered India, there was extremely fierce competition. We have achieved such extraordinary growth in India firstly because of our vision to bring innovation to everyone with our high-quality products at incredible prices. Secondly, we have an amazing team in India. We will continue investing in India to deliver the best products to our Mi fans — expanding our supply, ensuring the high quality of our products, and further improving our after-sales service.

The core of the Xiaomi model is creating high-quality products, making friends with our users, and operating our business extremely efficiently. This model has been proven in China. I believe that the Xiaomi model will resonate across the world, starting with India."

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