Xiaomi Releases Stable MIUI 9.5 ROM with Notification Shade and Quick Reply Features

With the coming of Android Nougat, people witnessed the rollout of an extremely impressive and worthwhile update which was the Quick Reply and Bundled notification features on the notification panel of Android devices. However, Xiaomi was left behind since they were providing their users with their own custom ROM – the MIUI 9. Finally, the company has come up with a new update which adds these features to their phones. Xiaomi has been delaying the launch of this feature, but finally, Xiaomi has put an end to the wait for this expected update and is all set to add the Notification Shade feature to its phones via the MIUI 9.5 Stable ROM. This update will be available to for users who are running Android Nougat 7.0 or above.


Mi Community has released the information that company has started pushing MIUI for the Redmi Note 4. February security patch fixes are also included in this update. New Ringtones, Charging Sound, Lock/Unlock Sound as they did on Global Beta ROM in January are some of the additions apart from the previous ones.

It should be kept in mind that the present update which has been released is just a Nightly Build meaning that Xiaomi has released this update to take a review from its users and if things go right and reviews approve the ROM, then Xiaomi is going to release this update for all its users slowly. However, there is always the option of flashing your own ROM using Recovery ROM.

In November 2017, Xiaomi brought it to light that they will be launching the awaited MIUI 9 Global Stable ROM which must be an essential update for Xiaomi users for quite some time now. The Company claimed that the new ROM would come with many additions to the previous one and will include features like Split Screen, Interactive and Fresh UI changes, New Gallery App, Calendar Cards, App Vault, New Notification Shade, Mi Video App, New Mi Explorer and Mi Drop. In January Xiaomi rolled out App Vault, Mi Video App and Gallery Editor with MIUI 9.2 but it was unfortunate that even though it was the end of 2017 but Xiaomi couldn’t bring the Notification Shade to its users.

Like we said before Xiaomi will include impressive updates like Split Screen which is supposedly meant for devices like Redmi 3S/Prime and Redmi Note 3. And Of course, the new Notification Shade which comes out with this update must finally bring a much-needed feature into the hands of Xiaomi users.

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If you want timely update then buy a Nokia Phone


They will give this kind of fake update for another 2,3 years…. Called MiUi 9.0.5…9.0.9…10.2.3…13.0.9…14.0.5….
& proudly announced xiaomi updates 3,4 years old devices

Pritam Das

Totally agree. Miui 9 did freaking nothing on my sister’s Redmi note 3. Not even double tap menu for previous app. It was totally fake, performance is actually worse than 8.x (previously). Now this 9.5 god knows when it will reach my Max 2. Already waiting since forever For Oreo (come on Xiaomi, give us at least one android version update)


I don’t think SD650 and SD625 get Oreo….may be 625 get only after RN5 oreo. SD650 never.

Pritam Das

Every Mi phone gets only one Android version update in its lifetime. RN3 got 6.0, RN4 got 7.0 and RN5 (SD625) should get 8.0. Even Max/Max prime got 7.0, Max 2 should also get 8.0


They barely update one android version… Funny thing is that they never release set with latest Android, like when Android O available they release set with N…. then after one year they upgrade to O and that’s it


Be device specific boi……update means just Android number and stock UI launcher?? Also what did they fake??


I got Nougat update few weeks ago in my redmi 4a. File size was 1.3GB and after installation, so many things changed. Some of them are like split screen, display. Even when I purchased it then only 4g-2g was supporting but now 4g-3g is supporting in sim 1&2 respectively.

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