Xiaomi MIUI 9 Feature Roundup: Picture-in-Picture, Multi Window Support, And More

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Xiaomi is not only famous for cheap and high-quality phones but also for its MUI Android skin and currently, the version of the operating system is the MIUI 8. It has continued to impress users since its launch, back in August 2016, with its smooth running and impressive features without having to even rely on any third party app. Almost all of the Chinese company’s smartphones run on the latest version of Xiaomi OS at the moment.


However, word on the rumour mill is that the development of a new software has already been under works for almost about six moths and soon we will get to witness the unveiling of the new generation MIUI, the MIUI 9.

Here are some of the rumoured features of MIUI 9 that has got all Xiaomi fans excited.

Multi Window Support

Introduced with the official Android 7.0 Nougat, the Multi Window feature is much required one for large screen smartphone users. And Xiaomi is looking to bring the feature to the MIUI with the MIUI 9.

Having the option of multiple windows will help us work with two applications simultaneously, by splitting the display into two parts. It works both in horizontal and vertical modes.


The owners of Samsung and LG smartphones may not be surprised with it, but the picture-in-picture feature might very well turn out be a Xiaomi crowd pleaser. It lets us view multimedia in a small window at the top of the display without deploying the main application that we’re currently using.

Quick Reply

Taking advantage of the default Android Nougat’s API, the MIUI 9 may come with the quick reply feature that lets you reply to push messages from various apps directly from the notification panel without having to open that application.

Doze Mode

Although we are quite familiar with Doze Mode, the latest Android 7.0 came with a better version of this feature that kills all background apps and saves battery life. With MIUI 9, apps will go into hibernation mode instead of completely killing them, saving the same amount of battery life.

Improved Data Saver

Data saver helps restrict the background running apps from sucking out all the mobile date. The new MIUI 9 is rumoured to have an all new data saver feature with which we can track and have more control over the amount of mobile data used by any application.

Despite Xiaomi keeping mum on the details about the new firmware, optimistic forecasts say that MIUI 9 will be released sometime in July.

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