Xiaomi initiates beta testing Lollipop based MIUI6

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Last year in November, Hugo Barra revealed Xiaomi’s plans for Android Lollipop, he indicated that Mi users would be the first in line to receive the MIUI 6, which will be based on Google’s latest Android OS. Now, according to a post published on the MIUI forum, it looks like Xiaomi is finally starting with the beta testing.

In accordance with the post, Mi 2/S/A users will be able to have hands on the beta ROM soon, if they meet a few pre-requisites such as having “English forums credits over 50” and also, if they are willing to report bugs to the forum. Only a handful number of applicants will be granted the access to the beta, with a set number of 50 testers to be selected by January 30th, 2015.


For all those wondering why Xiaomi is trying to run the Beta test on an older device, one possibility is that on older hardware performance glitches are more visible, though that is what we think or expect (not the company’s view). Moreover, if the beta test turns to be successful on Mi 2, then getting MIUI 6 (Lollipop) update on other devices should be a cakewalk.

So, what shall we expect from the Lollipop-based update? Although, it is simply too hard to predict, but we can expect new features hand-in-hand with many surface improvements that will come with the Lollipop integration. Users have been facing few glitches with the Lollipop, especially in terms of Material Design. However, Lollipop ROMs like LG’s ROM on the G3 have made negligible use of the new design language that comes packed with the Android 5.0.

If the statement issued Barra is to be believed, then, Xiaomi is working hard to strike a balance between the MIUI skin and the new Material Design elements in Android 5.0. Hopefully, we can expect a perfect blend of Lollipop and MiUi.

For all those readers, who are interested in becoming the beta testers, click here. We would like to know, what are you expecting from the MIUI 6? Let us know through your amazing comments.


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