Xiaomi has sold a million smartphones in India till date

Xiaomi, one of the most talked-about smartphone brand, entered two new countries this year, India and Indonesia. It had plans to enter some more countries, but it was kept on hold smartphone market earlier this year after it received better than expected response from India. Till date, Xiaomi has been able to sell a million smartphones in India.

Xiaomi 1 Million Smartphones Sold India 2014

Till now, Xiaomi has launched four smartphones in India, the Mi 3 for Rs. 12,999, the Redmi 1S for Rs. 5,999, the Redmi Note 3G for Rs. 8,999, and the Redmi Note 4G for Rs. 9,999. All its smartphones have had the best specifications in their respective price ranges. No wonder, all of them have sold like hot cakes, but now Xiaomi has two new competitors in India, OnePlus and Yu (by Micromax). Both the brands offer extreme value for money devices and just like Xiaomi, both these brands follow a non-traditional sales model.

Xiaomi’s entry into India has not been very easy as it faced a ban on selling smartphones after Ericsson filed a complaint about an alleged infringement of essential mobile phone patents like AMR and EDGE. The final decision will be taken by the Delhi High Court in February. Xiaomi is also planning to launch its next flagship smartphone, the Mi 4.


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December 27, 2014 10:41 pm 10:41 PM
*I don’t know why is the company announcing the 1 million mark now when its was attained by them long ago. Infact according to my calculations Xiaomi has sold around 1.275 million smartphones in India till date. *The company’s startergy has worked. Spend zero on marketing and follow a online exlcusive model. These both have helped reduce costs significantly. Next selling services online has also helped to earn good money. Competitors like Lenovo and Samsung keep questioning Xiaomi’s business model thinking its unsustainable or the company is at loss. For example one of Samsung’s senior executive was found saying “They(Xiaomi)… Read more »
December 27, 2014 8:43 am 8:43 AM

Good going Xiaomi…. you are the 1st Chinese company to instill in Indians a sense of belonging, alongwith reliability and consistency in Quality too! Hope the 2 MILLION mark comes soon.