World Mobile Secures Licensed Spectrum for US Expansion

Decentralized wireless network operator World Mobile takes a significant step to bring reliable and affordable internet access to under-connected areas of the United States.


  • World Mobile secures up to 20MHz of licensed spectrum in four US states for its connectivity initiatives.
  • The company's decentralized hybrid-connectivity solution combines blockchain technology and infrastructure to provide cost-effective connectivity.
  • World Mobile plans to launch its service in the US following successful deployments and tests in Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, and Mozambique.

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World Mobile Secures Licensed Spectrum for US Expansion

Decentralized wireless network operator World Mobile has announced that it has acquired licensed spectrum in the United States. This development represents a significant milestone for the company to provide reliable and affordable internet access to underserved areas of the country, according to the official statement.

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World Mobile's Spectrum Acquisition

World Mobile has secured up to 20 MHz of spectrum across four states (markets): California, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah. According to World Mobile, this spectrum acquisition serves as a foundation for its expansion plans within the United States.

The company says it will play a crucial role in enabling its decentralized hybrid connectivity solution (AirNodes), which combines blockchain technology with aerial and terrestrial infrastructure to deliver cost-effective connectivity.

World Mobile expressed enthusiasm about the licensed spectrum acquisition, stating, "By securing licensed spectrum, we are signalling our intent to revolutionize the connectivity landscape in the United States. This achievement strengthens our position to deploy our network and support a profitable sharing economy. We believe in harnessing the collective power of individuals and communities to create a more inclusive and connected world."

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Aligned with US Government's Broadband Initiative

World Mobile says its acquisition of licensed spectrum aligns with the US government's efforts to enhance connectivity nationwide. President Biden recently unveiled a USD 42 billion high-speed internet initiative to expand broadband access to rural and low-income areas while promoting competition and affordability in the market.

The US Commerce Department has already begun distributing the funding by awarding grants at the state level. The grant amounts range from approximately USD 27 million to over USD 3.3 billion, taking into consideration the specific needs of each locality, as reported by TelecomTalk.

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World Mobile's Expansion

When explaining the Network, the World Mobile website stated: "By using off-the-shelf equipment to make network nodes affordable and easy to build, business owners can buy nodes and set them up locally, creating a connection for themselves and others while sharing the rewards. Instructions and materials are created in local languages and distributed to node owners."

World Mobile plans to launch its services in the United States later this year, following successful commercial deployments in Tanzania and field tests conducted in Kenya, Nigeria, and Mozambique, according to the release.

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