Sunday Talk: Which Broadband Plan Do You Use and What’s the Data Consumption Per Month?

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After following a massive data tariff war in the telecom sector, we can see a subtle and slow shift of focus to the broadband segment in the country right now. With the industry reaching its saturation point in prepaid and postpaid plans, now telcos are slowly starting to emphasise the broadband segment, a sector which has remained untouched for years and has barely seen any stringent competition. However, new developments tell us that things might be long overdue for a change. With Reliance Jio planning to launch GigaFiber services in India with 1 Gbps and other ISPs like Spectra and Airtel V Fiber starting their own fibre-based broadband services, users are going to have a lot of options.

Broadband Plan

Unlike past times when the broadband sector was unpopulated with providers and subscribers used to struggle to find a reliable service provider, now users will find many ISPs to choose from right around every corner. In the current scenario, Spectra broadband, ACT Fibernet and Airtel V Fiber remain the major players in the playing field providing fibre-based high-speed broadband services.

Speaking of Spectra’s broadband services, the company starts offering connections starting at Rs 849. The entry-level plan of Rs 849 provides 250 Mbps of and 100GB FUP per month. The Rs 1,249 plan offers 500 Mbps connection along with 250GB of FUP. The 1 Gbps plan by Spectra comes for Rs 1,549, and it has a 500GB FUP limit.

ACT Fibernet, on the other hand, offers many speed options to the users, starting from 15 Mbps speed. Recently, because of impending competition in the market ACT has also upped its FUP limits and also fused its download and upload speeds. The Giga plan by ACT providing 1Gbps of speed comes with a monthly FUP of a whopping 2.5TB in Bengaluru.

The third contender in the list is Airtel V-Fiber. Airtel has recently introduced a 300 Mbps broadband plan with a monthly FUP of 1.2TB. Airtel even removed FUP on its broadband plans in Hyderabad city. BSNL is currently the leading broadband operator in India with a wide range of plans starting at just Rs 99.

After, realising that now there is no shortage of fibre-based broadband ISPs, there can be a shift happening in the broadband sector in the coming days. However, the decision of going with a particular ISP be it Reliance Jio GigaFiber or the above three will only pivot around the choice between speed and FUP. With Indian users slowly adopting new technologies, it is expected that demand for high speed might also be a crucial driving factor in the new broadband tariff war which might be brewing as Reliance Jio prepares for GigaFiber launch.

Make sure you tell us in the comments down below about the broadband plan you are using, and how much you are paying for it, along with whether you are satisfied with your ISP or not. Also, if you have any plans to switch to another ISP, which is it going to be and why?

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