WhatsApp Rolled Out Much Awaited Fast-Playback Feature

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WhatsApp has rolled out a new fast-playback feature for its users in India. The company had been testing the feature on the beta version of the application for quite some time and has finally rolled it out for the users now. Millions of users that use the voice message feature of the application will appreciate the move from WhatsApp since now they won’t have to listen to everything at the same slow pace at which the message has been recorded. However, the company missed out on introducing the slow-playback feature for voice messages.

WhatsApp Users Can Fast Forward Message By Up To 2x

WhatsApp is offering users to fast forward the message by up to 2 times. A thing worth noting here is that even when the user taps on the fast forward button, the pitch of the voice note will stay the same so that there is no issue in understanding the message that has been delivered.

To use the feature, users simply need to tap on the voice message and play it. Upon playing the voice message, users will find an option to increase the pace of the voice note by 1.5x initially. As mentioned above, if the users want, they can also further increase the speed of the message by up to 2 times.

With the new fast-forward feature, users won’t have to worry about long voice messages coming their way. They can simply fast-forward the message and shorten the length of it by 50% with the 2x speed option.

The feature will be available for users regardless of whether they are communicating in a personal chat window or are in a group. The new feature is now available for all the users in India. To ensure that you can take benefit of the new feature, update the app to its latest version available in both iOS and Android.

Features such as this compel users to keep using the application despite the new privacy policy drama created by the company. WhatsApp still hasn’t said that it is completely scrapping the privacy policy. The social media giant has been scrutinised because of the new policy very much. Interestingly, its user base still stays strong in India and around the world.

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