Broadband Connection Has Slowed Because of Additional Devices? Here’s What You Can Do

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Broadband Connection

It is often observed that the speed advertised by an Internet Service Provider is not the actual speed we receive. While there can be a number of reasons for that, the most common and known reason is that the speed advertised does not take into account multiple devices connected to a single broadband connection. Although, multiple devices simply connected to a broadband connection does not directly slow your internet speed. It is these multiple devices transferring data over the internet that slows down your broadband connection. Your Wi-Fi router is limited in its capability to manage internet traffic. It can only transfer a fixed amount of data per second. When various devices are connected to a Wi-Fi router transferring data at the same time, the router will share that data between devices. If your broadband connection is for your home or office where multiple devices would stay connected, there are multiple things you can do to ensure high speed.

Checking Your Internet Speed Regularly

Speed tests are an important element of a broadband connection. Since a user pays for a broadband connection based majorly on the speed he/she requires, it is always recommended to do regular speed tests to check if you are getting the speed you paid for. There are ample portals that allow you to test your internet speed, and we recommend you choose a trusted portal for accurate results. Regular speed tests of your broadband connection with multiple devices connected will help you ascertain and manage your broadband connection better. It will help you make a decision on whether you need to upgrade your broadband internet plan or not.

Upgrading To The Latest Broadband Modem or Router

A modem depending on the type of internet connection you have, are devices that transfer and manage internet traffic between devices that are connected to it. They act as a bridge or medium for the ISP to access their users’ devices. As we mentioned above, your Wi-Fi router or modem are limited on their capacities of managing internet traffic. You should always choose to upgrade your router, which offers you maximum speed and security. Another important aspect when it comes to the modem or router is its location. To get the best and high-speed connection on all your devices, make sure your router or modem is centrally located in an upright position.

Regular Scanning For Viruses Using Anti-Virus Software

You have upgraded your broadband internet plan and your Wi-Fi router, yet you might be experiencing a slow internet connection. Viruses are harmful to your computer as they can access and control your data and the device itself. However, if the virus infected computer is connected to a broadband connection, the virus can reduce the power of your assets and slow your broadband connection down. Regularly scanning your computer for viruses using anti-virus software will help keep your computer and broadband connection safe.

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