WhatsApp Version 2.21.71 Out For iOS Users, What’s New

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The instant messaging app WhatsApp has brought out a new update for iOS users. The update has brought new and improved changes, such as the update has enhanced the display of sent media so that you can view larger image and videos. Further, In WhatsApp previously, only admins were able to control Disappearing Messages, but with this update, all the participants of the group have the option of changing the Disappearing Messages setting to default. WhatsApp simultaneously is examining the ability to bring the disappearing photos feature to both Android and iOS platforms. For all the iOS users who wish to know what all changes have the upgrade brought, keep reading until the end.

Admins Can Still Control Disappearing Messages

The new update has been released on the App store. The WhatsApp for iOS 2.21.71 version brings two new changes for the users on the stable version of the app. The first change enables the users to view photos and videos easily without opening them. The preview will also be much larger than the previous small square preview.

Moreover, WhatsApp 2.21.71 for iOS has further provided the other participants with the ability to change the Disappearing Messages setting to default. Previously, only the admin could enable it, but now the option is open to every single participant of the group.

However, the changelog on App Store states that admins can have access to the feature by changing the Edit Group Info. Since the update is rolling out via the App Store, all users should be able to update quickly if it is available in their area. If you do not receive the update immediately, you must know that it is a phased roll-out, and therefore you need to wait shortly to update.

The Disappearing Messages by WhatsApp was made available for Android, iOS and Linux-bases KaiOS devices in November last year. The update is now live for Indian users as well. It should, however, be kept in mind that once Disappearing Messages is enabled, the text sent to an individual or a group will disappear after seven days. The setting will not affect the messages that you sent or received in the chatbox before the Disappearing Messages was enabled.

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