Apple Statistics Reveal 85% Compatible iPhones Have iOS 14 Installed

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Apple iOS 14

According to the new iOS adoption statistics released by Apple, 85% of all iPhones are now running on iOS 14. The statistics also revealed that iOS 14 was installed in 90% of devices released in the last four years. The data was collected by analyzing App Store visits on June 3rd. According to the report rolled by IANS, only 10% of the users with an iPhone released in the last four years are running an older version of Apple’s in house operating system that is iOS.

7% of All iPhones Ever Launched Are On an Earlier iOS Version

According to a report by AppleInsider, amongst the 10% of users with an iPhone launched in the last four years, 8% of them are on iOS 13, and 2% of users are running an even earlier version. It is interesting to note that Apple does not include all of its iPhones ever made in this mix.

Apple has revealed that 85% of the compatible iPhone have iOS 14 installed now. iOS 14 is only compatible with iPhone 6S and further. Apple had launched the iPhone 8 series in 2017, which was four years ago. From iPhone 8 to iPhone 12 launched in 2020, 8% of these devices are still running on iOS 13. When Apple adds all the iPhones ever made in this mix, about 7% of users have an earlier iOS version installed.

Apple Also Revealed iPadOS Adoption Data

The iPadOS adoption data reveals a similar picture as 91% of the iPads released in the last four years are on the latest iPadOS 14. According to the report, 8% of users are still using iPadOS 13 on their devices. A small number of users, accounting for 1%, use an older iPadOS operating system update.

This data also only included iPad devices compatible with iPadOS 14. When Apple includes and tracks all models of iPads, the statistics reveal that 79% of those devices have iPadOS 14 installed. Amongst the rest of Apple’s tablets that the company tracked, 9% of the users are using iPadOS 13, and 12% of the users are on an even earlier version of Apple’s operating system custom-built for tablets.

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