WhatsApp Disappearing Messages Feature Now Makes Its Way to Android Beta

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Timed messages are all the fad when it comes to instant messaging. Even emails have not been far behind when it comes to this. Gmail also now comes with a self destruct feature which allows the users to send messages with a timer which automatically go bust from the inbox when the timer runs out. However, such a similar functionality has been in the works for the most popular messaging app on the planet as well, which is WhatsApp. WhatsApp has reportedly been working on disappearing messages for some time now. But, the users had not gotten a look at the feature until now. But, with the new beta update which WhatsApp has rolled out, the Android Beta users of WhatsApp can now see the disappearing message feature in work. It is also worth noting that the feature which was previously being referred to as disappearing messages, is now being called as “Delete Messages”.


Delete Messages Feature Explained

As per this new update which comes from WABetaInfo, the users will be able to see the time duration for how long the message would be available before it is deleted. Currently, the delete messages feature is available for Group chats only. According to the information available, the feature is soon likely to arrive for individual chats as well. Also, not to forget that the feature is now also available on iOS Beta as well starting with version update. The disappearing messages can be really useful in the case of group conversations, where one obsolete message might trigger other replies as well.

For example, if there is a birthday in your group, and you proceed to post a wish on the WhatsApp Group, then it’s quite common to see people wishing birthday days after the event has passed. To avoid this, group members can send a message with a timer, which would disappear after the purpose of the message is over, which in this case is a birthday wish. Therefore, the message with the wish in it would get deleted once the day is over. However, as we mentioned above, the feature is only available for group conversations and only group admins can send messages using the delete messages feature.

Feature Currently Now in Beta

The Disappearing Messages feature, now known as Delete Messages, has been in work for quite some time now, and finally, it is making its way to the Beta version of WhatsApp. Similarly, there are other features from WhatsApp which have been developing behind the scenes or have made their way to the Beta version. Some of these features include the Dark Mode, the Fingerprint Lock and more.

Other WhatsApp Features in the Making

Since privacy is one of the top priorities of WhatsApp, the application is also soon going to come with a fingerprint lock. This would allow users to protect their app from intrusions. It is worth noting that other competing apps like Telegram and Hike come with similar features, but until now, WhatsApp did not have any such feature. But, this will stop as WhatsApp users will be able to protect their chats with a fingerprint lock.

Another one of the most popular features in the tech industry happens to be the Dark Mode. Until now, WhatsApp has not received the Dark Mode, but the company is working on the Dark Mode, and it’s quite possible that the users will be able to see it on their apps soon.

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