WhatsApp Business Gets New Updates: QR Code, Animated Stickers and More

WhatsApp Business has got new updates improving the way customers interact with businesses

By July 10th, 2020 AT 7:53 PM

WhatsApp is easily one of the most recognised and widely used social media platforms in the world. For the unaware, there is also a WhatsApp Business. It is a separate app with the same UI as of WhatsApp. Most settings of the WhatsApp Business is similar to that of WhatsApp. The thing which is different is the ‘Business’ features between the two apps. WhatsApp Business is an app made keeping in mind the needs of small business owners. Businesses can create catalogs for their products and create an easy communication channel with their customers. Essentially, WhatsApp Business allows the business and its customers to connect efficiently and have a seamless conversation to solve any queries of the customer. Now the app has got several updates to make it even better. Let’s take a look at them.

WhatsApp Business Updates

QR codes

Now, the way both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business works is that in order to text another party or business in this case, you need to first add the other party’s number on your device. It is a little frustrating to be honest when you have to do that several times for contacting different businesses. That is why WhatsApp Business has now got the facility of QR codes using which customers can directly contact the business. Business owners can put these QR codes into the packaging of their products and their website so that users can conveniently scan it from anywhere they like. For Android users, they will find it by heading to the More Options > Business Tools > Short link > QR code and for iOS users, they can find it under Settings > Business Tools > Short Link > QR code.

Better Catalog Sharing

One of the many advantages of WhatsApp Business is the facility to share product catalogs with customers. WhatsApp Business now comes with improved sharing of both individual products and product catalogs to different platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

‘Open for Business’ and ‘Sale’ Stickers

WhatsApp Business has also got 20 new animated stickers. The aim of adding these stickers is to create a positive interaction between the customers and the business. These stickers include — Open for Business, out of stock, sale, free delivery, and many more.

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