Vodafone Rs 59 Prepaid Plan Offering 1GB Daily Data Competes With Reliance Jio Rs 52 Plan

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There is no doubt now that the prepaid portfolio of all telecom operators in the industry is curated in such a way that a slight competition is here to sustain. It is very hard for the subscribers to find the perfect plan from one telecom operator courtesy of the abundance of choices that the customers get. Some offer massive data benefits, while the others come with better additional benefits like content and more. Sachet packs are another type of prepaid packs which come to rescue when you run out of data, especially while using plans with daily data limit. Vodafone is one service provider which is offering an attractive lower-priced pack for its subscribers. What’s interesting to note is that around the same price Reliance Jio offers a similar pack but this time around the tables have been turned, and Vodafone’s pack is much more attractive than Reliance Jio’s. Let’s dive in and see how.

Vodafone Rs 59 Prepaid Plan

The Vodafone prepaid plan that we are talking about is the Rs 59 prepaid plan which offers 1GB data per day. This plan comes with 7 days validity, and it ships no other benefit. In this period, the total data benefit remains 7GB. It is also worth noting that Vodafone ships a Filmy plan which offers 1GB data for a single day and it costs Rs 16. For someone who would like to replace a string of Rs 16 recharges with a single recharge can likely opt for this Rs 59 plan which will offer 1GB data for 7 days.

Reliance Jio Rs 52 Prepaid Plan

Reliance Jio, on the other hand, also has a Rs 52 prepaid plan under its sachet sections. Usually, the subscribers would expect that Reliance Jio would offer more data under this price range since most prepaid plans of Reliance Jio exceed Vodafone prepaid plans in data offering. But, the Rs 52 prepaid plan by Reliance Jio offers 1.05GB data for 7 days. So, although the validity of these two plans remain the same, the data offering of the Reliance Ji sachet packet remains 150MB per day.

The thing to note is that while this plan does not provide much data as compared to the Rs 59 prepaid plan of Vodafone, it does offer truly unlimited voice benefits. There are also SMS benefits which include 70 SMS for the entire validity period of 7 days. There is also the complimentary Jio apps subscription as well with this plan. So, in a way, the Reliance Jio prepaid plan makes up with other benefits what it does not deliver in data benefits. But still, if adding on data to your existing prepaid plan is your priority, and you want a plan with a week’s validity, the Vodafone Rs 59 plan is likely to be a better choice.

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