Vodafone Idea to Upgrade 3G Data Users to Vi GIGAnet 4G in Phased Manner

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Network integration between Vodafone and Idea is almost complete and looking at that, Vi has started upgrading its 3G data users to Vi GIGAnet 4G network in select telecom circles. Since the 4G resources of both the companies are integrated, it has enormously improved the 4G network capacity for Vi. Large chunks of 3G spectrum are being converted to 4G by the telco so that its customers can enjoy faster internet speeds than ever. So now the 3G users of the telco will be able to enjoy faster 4G speeds because of the help of Vi GIGAnet network.

Vi 3G Data Users to be Upgraded to 4G Network

It is going to take a little bit of time to upgrade the 3G customers in every telecom circle of India to 4G for Vi. That is why the telco is going to do it in a phased manner and initially, it has selected a few telecom circles for the upgrade.

This doesn’t mean that the company is going to stop providing its 2G services. Customers using 3G data will only be upgraded. Customers using the 2G network for making calls and consuming data don’t need to worry about being cut off or ignored by the telco. But Vi also has plans for upgrading the 2G customers to 4G in a short while and it is in the best place to do so. Customers who are going to be affected due to this move are being notified at the moment.

For the unaware, VIL (now Vi) was the first telecom company which tried the Dynamic Spectrum Reframing (DSR) and now has also completed the biggest DSR deployment the world has ever seen. It has helped the telco in enhancing its network efficiency and experience for the customers because of increased speed and capacity.

The 3G customers of the telco will have to get a 4G SIM card from Vi to be able to switch to the high-speed Vi GIGAnet 4G. Customers using the 3G network who can’t upgrade to 4G because of various reasons will be able to use the 2G network for calling and data.

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