Airtel is Giving 4G Data Loan to Users- See Details

You can obtain a 4G, 3G, or 2G data loan from Airtel! If that piqued your interest, keep reading to learn how to apply for an Airtel data loan.


  • This data is only valid for two days before it expires.
  • You will be charged a service fee when you use this data loan.
  • You must have been using your Airtel number for at least three months in order to qualify for this data credit.

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Bharti Airtel 4G Data

What is Airtel Data Loan?

The name pretty much explains itself. When you are very short on cash but require it for an immediate requirement, you consider taking out a loan. The company can't assist you with the bank account component, but  can help you with the data crunch. When your Airtel data balance has reached zero but you urgently need to surf the internet or finish some task, a data loan, like other loans, supplies you with immediate data. It should be noted that this data is only valid for the time period selected, and there is a fee associated with this service.

Process To Take Airtel Data Loan

1.Go to the dialer on your phone.

2.Wait while you dial *141*567#.

3.When Airtel responds, it will provide you a list of network options.

4.Choose the appropriate network for you from 2G, 3G, or 4G.

5.As an alternative, you can call the Airtel loan number 52141 and use the instructions to obtain the data loan.

What Airtel Offers in This Advance Credit Loan

One of India's largest mobile network providers, Airtel has a sizable subscriber base. No operator can afford to lose a customer by allowing him to migrate to a competitor in the very competitive market of today. Therefore, if your balance has become dangerously low for making or receiving calls or using the internet, they provide you with two advance credit programs: one for an advance Talktime loan and the other for an advance data loan (3G/4G).

In conclusion, an Airtel customer can benefit from the network operator's helpful function, which can come in handy when their talktime or data balance is critically low and preventing them from making an urgent call or gaining access to the internet. To obtain the Talktime/Data on the Loan required to handle such an emergency, the user can either contact the appropriate number or dial the pertinent USSD code from the phone dialer app. You can also carry out the same action using the Airtel Thanks mobile app. You must keep in mind that you must recharge the sim to pay back any such loans where the operator will impose a service fee.

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