Vodafone Idea Reports Decline in Subscriber Base, Data Volumes Up by 7.9%

Tariff hike contributed revenue growth of 6% on a quarterly basis

Vodafone Idea on Tuesday announced its fourth quarter results ended March 2020 with the operator reporting a revenue growth of 6% on a quarterly basis. The company said that the revenue growth was largely driven by the tariff hike implemented by the telecom operators in December 2019. Vodafone Idea said that the average revenue per user (ARPU) improved to Rs 121 in the fourth quarter ended March 2020 as compared to Rs 109 in the third quarter. However, the company reported a decline in subscriber base to 291 million in the fourth quarter as compared to 304 million in the third quarter.

Vodafone Idea Reports Growth in Data Volumes

Vodafone Idea said that the company had a 4G subscriber base of 105.6 million as of March, 31, 2020. The company reported a 4G subscriber base of 104.2 million for the third quarter ended December 2019.

The total data volumes is said to have grown 7.9% to 4,090 billion MB in the fourth quarter. Meanwhile, the total minutes on the network is said to have declined 1.4% in the fourth quarter with the company highlighting that the decline was due to reduction in incoming calls. The company said that the outgoing calls on its network continued to grow.

Vodafone Idea Network Integration Covers 92% Districts

Vodafone Idea said that the network integration between Vodafone and Idea “is in final stages of completion” but that the COVID-19 lockdowns has had an impact on the completion.

The company said that the integration has been completed in 92% of the total districts across India with the operator consolidating its networks in four circles during the fourth quarter. Vodafone Idea is said to have completed the network integration in UP East, UP West, Gujarat and Delhi in the fourth quarter ended March 2020.

The operator said that the network integration is complete in 18 circles and that the integration in its four remaining circles will be done “on a cluster-by-cluster basis.”

Vodafone Idea said that the excess equipment has been removed as part of its network integration from around 64,000 sites off the 73,000 co-located sites by the end of March. The company said that the move to remove excess equipment will further reduce costs.

“Our focus on rapid network integration, as well as 4G coverage and capacity expansion, has further improved customer experience,” Ravinder Takkar, MD of Vodafone Idea, said in the release. “We thus continue to lead the league tables on 4G data download speeds across several states, metros and large cities.”

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Aakash Hinduja

There will be a 40% decline in subscriber base due to minimum recharge of Rs 50 per month. This will lead to more losses to AIRTEL, VODAFONE IDEA as subscribers are disconnecting their secondary numbers. Many people now a days are disconnecting their secondary numbers due to minimum recharge of Rs 50 per month. AIRTEL, VODAFONE, IDEA should make minimum recharge to Rs 20 in order to boost revenue and retain customers.


They want to loose 2G customers, that’s why they are charging Rs.49 minimum per 28 days.
They have to close 2G network by next year eventually.


Pledged 3400 crore of 11 % stake in Indus infratel entity to banks to pay bank gaurentee to DOT. INTERESTING…… also another 13k crore of bank gaurentee coming up for renewal this yr. MORE INTERESTING. Total bank liabilities to be paid 27k crore THIS YEAR. oops this was not accounted by voda idea. Banks putting pressure. LOL Kaha se itna paisa laoge VODA IDEA. Dukaan band kardo pls .. MY VIEW IS ANY COMPANY IN THIS DIRE STRAITS WOULD HAVE OPTED FOR BANKRUPTCY. what is holding Birla to go to IBC. Is it political pressure or something I am missing????… Read more »


thn why they upgrdng their ntwrk…they hv bettrt netwk thn airtl..??


Upgrading????? Who told you they are upgrading? They are actually merging and removing duplicate infra and also shutting down low revenue towers…

Spike in speeds is only in certain areas where. Those certain areas are very few in each cities town…


bringing 4ca… mimo…installing new radios on idea site…is this not upgrdtn??


No, it is all part of original amalgamation contract given in 2017 for 10k crore. Nothing new spent to UPGRADE. 2018 work order was to remove duplicate infra and deploy in selected high revenue areas to strengthen capacity and coverage. merge the network of idea and voda. Used unutilised spectrum and merge and deploy TDD and 900lte spectrum on high revenue sites. Also new uodate from your beloved vil, they have started holding vendor payments now. Asking more credit period to tide over this issue. New timeline is not given to make payment but will br made as and when… Read more »


You seem to have a lot of hatred for Vodafone Idea. What’s the reason for it? If you don’t like it’s service, you are always free to Port your number to another service provider. But stop this hatred. Otherwise it will drive you crazy.


a man with suffering vil jaundice..thats why he always see every good things of vil yelllow…we cant do anythng abt that…


@mander, wow. Stating facts is Hatred ????? Tone might be sarcastic but did I stated any thing false above???? This company has gone to dogs , there is nothing to hide about it. I don’t want a service provider to hold lot of spectrum in its lap and not use properly. I want it to close down if money is not infused and only capable service provider should remain in business. Limping operators have no room in Indian telecom scenario. Personally I hate airtel more than vil if you ask me due to its crapy software and business ethics. Airtel… Read more »


@chetan how it is determined whether a site is giving high revenue ?


@vishal, more high revenue customers connected to a site. Or many user connected and clogging the site using data. So if they r using heavy downloads that means they have high data quota postpair plan or high prepaid recharge Generally central business district and market areas comes under 5his catagory. Low revenue sites are towers which has all incoming users connected or users who recharge with very low value. Typically residential areas in tier 3 circles or some villages. Because here very few users will be there from all telcos and each telco will get very low revenue hence vil… Read more »


for you chetan see huge traffic i got ths speed…i thnk thy imprvd lot..today thy prvd full ca combos to their user…u r fav airtl still dont hv propr indoor cvrge…tested many places …only open area fraudtel has good cvrge


@Sachin, airtel is not my favorite . Infact I hate airtel the most. Secondly you better get broadband if your benchmark is very high speed in your area because mobile is all about consistant performance in all areas and not only in your house. Broadband will be cheaper for you. I think you visit certain areas and selectively post vil high speed screenshot . And hide the bad ones . I like only jio that too for its scale of technology and no hassle user experience. High and poor speed is pertinant to any mobile service and that too when… Read more »


@sachin, I find you also unrealistic and unreasonable. Always supporting vil when entire market knows where is it heading. It’s a dying company. Just visit any jio store and see the amount of port in request thry are getting from vil customers. See the frauds they r doing with customer to stay in business 1. Fraudulently moving red 399 customers to 1099 red x plan by telling lies like we will give redX benefits with no extra charge on your 399 plan and take OTP and change the plan. All innocent customers are crying on twitter and asking to waive… Read more »

Suman (Kolkata)

Data speed in Red X plan


This guy opens his mouth only to scold vodafone and may be to eat food too! so much hatred against vodafone. Grow up man!
I’m not a vodafone customer, but I know their network is good since last month after completing the integration.


@kiran,. Vil has lost 1.3. Crore customers in Jan to march this year. If the network is so good then why people running away from its network.

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