Vodafone Idea Network Now Distributed in 10 Clusters for Better Management

Vodafone Idea has adopted the cluster-based method to increase the operational and managerial efficiency of the business

Vodafone Idea is using the cluster method and has created 10 clusters for better operational and managerial efficiency. The cluster method adopted by Vodafone Idea will rationalise the cost and improve EBITDA. Also, the customer market share maximisation (CMS) will improve, and Vodafone Idea will have a strong grip in the telecom market. Mahesh Uppal, who is the director at Com First stated that Vodafone Idea might break its service units based on commercial operations to increase the efficiency of management and create a better organisational structure. This news is reported by ET Telecom first.

Clusters Formed by Vodafone Idea

As per Vodafone Idea’s internal communication, 10 clusters have been formed for business operations. Mumbai has been considered by as a separate cluster by telco which will be looked after by Rajendra Chourasia whereas Maharashtra and Goa circle have been flocked together which will be headed by Puneet Krishnan. Gujarat is also accounted separately which will be headed by Monishi Ghosh. Similarly, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh have been bundled together which will be looked after by Kavita Nadkarni. Kerala and Tamil Nadu have been batched together which will be headed by Murali S. Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh have been tied together, and it will be headed by Arvind Nevatia.

Uttar Pradesh West and East circle have been flocked together by the telco which will be headed by Pamesh Gupta. Assam and North East along with Kolkata and rest of Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand and Bihar have been bundled together which will be headed by Sivam Bhargava. Delhi and Rajasthan will be formed as one cluster which will be headed by Arvinder Sachdev. Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, J&K and Ladakh and have been flocked together which will be headed by Mukul Sharma.

Cluster Approach Will Ensure Experience Delivery and Talent Optimisation

As reported by ET Telecom, Vodafone Idea’s cluster business heads will be based at the cluster head-quarters, and they will directly report to respective operational directors. The cluster method approach will help the telco giant to mainly focus on revenue market growth (RMS), experience excellence across touchpoints (NPS) and increase channel productivity. Also, Cluster heads which have been assigned by the telco giant will coordinate with other functions to ensure experience delivery and talent optimisations. It is also expected that the cluster-based approach will streamline the organisational structure and may lead to employee reduction in some clusters.

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If a company has to resort to this level then understand what will be the next consequences!!!!!


This is just a gimmick these are done to reduce operating costs. Still not even 2G is integrated in my area !


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