Vodafone Free BlackBerry Service Camp Now in Kerala

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Vodafone India and BlackBerry Smartphone maker Research In Motion (RIM) is organizing a unique “BlackBerry India FREE Service Camp” and on-ground customer engagement initiative at select Vodafone Stores in  Kerala

At the BlackBerry Service Camp an BlackBerry Smartphone subscriber/users from Vodafone India as well as any other network will get exclusive device upgrade offers, Free servicing, device trackball* and back cover replacement, upgrade software's and get free applications from BlackBerry App World & lot more.

To avail the offer you can visit BlackBerry service camps  up to 25th March at select Vodafone Stores in  Kerala between 11 AM to 8 PM and participate or get free service of your BlackBerry smartphone. To attend one and to know your nearest store in Kerala, just call (+91) 97452 00000.

The service camp is open for all BlackBerry devices users, irrespective of the Network or Mobile Service Provider you’re on (Vodafone India and all other)!

* Free Trackball replacement models include: 8100; 8110; 8120; 8130; 8300; 8310; 8320; 8330; 8800; 8810; 8820 & 8830.

1.Pricing – Exclusive pricing for the Camp period – Details below

2.Bundled offers: With every purchase the customer gets a Wild craft Lap top Bag absolutely free. Other exciting offers available at the stores

3.Exclusive pricing of BB service packs. For all customers subscribing to advance rental plans ( 6 months or 12 months ), both pre and post, a Blackberry sling bag is absolutely free.

4.With every fresh BB service activation irrespective of the service plan a customized barcode trinket is free. As seen in the advtg

5.For the service camp 299 plan is available on prepaid too. ( BBM + Email )

6.Other than the above the customer will also be getting a Vodafone Goodie bag. ( for fresh service activation, device sale, advance rental plans etc )

7.Buy back Offer: Attractive offer for customers wanting to exchange their existing handsets. Valuation of the handset will be done at the store.

What is covered at the service

1.Track ball service/ replacement - Except 8900/9000 all the other BB with Track ball can be serviced at store
( 8900 and 9000 requires us to open the panel hence the BB needs to be sent to the service center because it requires an anti static and dust free environment)
Models for which trackball replacement can be done –
1.81XX – series for eg: 8130

2.83XX – series for eg: 8310, 8320
3.88XX – series for eg: 8800 etc

2.Software OS upgrade for any OS related issue - We will not be upgrading the same in the store due to client data confidentiality and will be giving a CD instead with step by step process to upgrade the same at home to get the latest features on your current BlackBerry with free applications

3.Cosmetic changes :-

The volume buttons rubber paneling change will be done at no cost .
All services will be done on priority service from any operator as long as they carry India warranty
Existing warranty terms will continue .( Water damage and physical abuse will continue to be considered Beyond economic repair)

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