WTA Ranks Vivacom as Fastest Growing Satellite Company Globally

Vivacom has topped all other companies in the world in terms of revenue growth for business clients using satellite services, said World Teleport Association in Top Teleport Operators 2022 publication. Vivacom has also entered the top 20 list of global businesses based on revenue from all personalized communications sources, such as teleport operators and satellite fleets.


  • Vivacom received full Tier 4 certification, the highest certification in the field of teleportation services from the World Teleport Association in 2021.
  • Vivacom has invested over ten million euros in the development of its satellite services for business customers over the past 10 years.
  • In December 2022, Vivacom began constructing a new ground station for OneWeb in Bulgaria.

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WTA Ranks Vivacom as Fastest Growing Satellite Company Globally

Vivacom, a member of United Group, leading telecommunications and multimedia organization in Southeast Europe and the parent company of Nova in Greece, has won a high international ranking. According to the World Teleport Association's Top Teleport Operators 2022 report, Vivacom has topped globally in terms of revenue growth from satellite services for business customers.

After joining Southeast Europe's top telecommunication and media operator just two years ago, Bulgarian telecom has quickly ascended to the top of the World Teleport Association (WTA) rating. Vivacom entered the top 20 global corporations based on revenues from all personalized communications sources, including teleport operators and satellite fleets, and occupied the top spot in The Fast 10 category of the fastest-growing providers.

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Awarded Full Tier Four Certification

After being acquired by the United Group less than two years ago, Vivacom holds the top position in the WTA rankings. In 2021, Vivacom received full Tier 4 certification from the World Teleport Association, the highest certification in the field of teleportation services, placing Plana Earth Station among those with the most up-to-date facilities in the world. This certification followed a series of new investments in the development of Plana Earth Station with a focus on services aimed at business customers.

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Nikolai Andreev, CEO of Vivacom, said: "Via our cutting-edge earth station, we offer services across Europe, Africa, South America and Asia, broadcasting over 500 TV channels to millions of households worldwide. On top, we provide connectivity to some of the most hard-to-reach places globally, including Antarctica I am proud of our team of professionals who have successfully positioned our company among the top choice global partners for satellite service providers. We remain committed to our strategy to innovate, invest and deliver top-notch products and services, confidently placing Vivacom on the industry's international map."

Victoriya Boklag, CEO of United Group, said: "Vivacom's achievement demonstrates that with the right strategic vision, targeted investments, and high team expertise on a local level we can set standards globally. We are delighted that our Bulgarian team's success is recognized by both customers and our industry."

Vivacom has invested more than EUR 10 million over the past ten years in developing its satellite services for corporate clients, growing its alliance with some of the major satellite operators and content producers worldwide.

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New Ground Station for OneWeb in Bulgaria

In December 2022, Vivacom announced the commencement of the construction of a new Satellite Network Portal (SNP), also known as a ground station, for OneWeb in Bulgaria for $ 534,000. The facility will expand communications services and increase access for EU territories to OneWeb's constellation of LEO satellites.

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