ViU Hub 2.0 by Dialog TV Offers Complete Android TV Experience

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The amount of content being consumed rose quite a bit after the lockdown with people spending more time watching television and binging shows as they were restricted to their houses. However, if one did not have a smart television, it would become quite difficult to consume the latest content on the go.

If you were in a similar situation, we have a good alternative for you, called the ViU Hub 2.0. The smart Set-Top Box (STB) is an ideal option for someone who does not own a Smart TV but intends to watch modern content and those who wish to opt for the old style of media consumption.

ViU Hub 2.0 Has a Remote That Can Hear You, Check Other Specifications


The ViU Hub 2.0 Hybrid device is able to seamlessly mix both the modern style of content and the regular Set-Top Box based content consumption. The STB is capable of integrating satellite TV with more than 130 channels and ViU movies with the complete Android TV experience into a single screen.

This in turn will make your TV; both smart or regular into a state of the art, feature-packed Smart TV. Most importantly, unlike some other alternatives, it has a neat trick up its sleeve.

It integrates two different aspects into one device, whereas for any other company, one would be required to purchase either a smart TV or a Smart Stick or a Smart Box to get these functionalities, alongside the regular satellite connection.

The remote is capable of listening to your voice and searching for content via the same, as it is voice-enabled. This aids in overall accessibility, much like alternatives from Google and Amazon.

With Android TV, you will not need to worry about the applications on offer, as you would be able to download over 4000 apps for content consumption and other uses through Google’s Play store.

In contrast, the regular functionality makes sure that the user can watch over 130 international and local Dialog TV channels using the Live TV functionalities without any data charges on the Dialog network, excluding the Fibre Network from Dialog.

Additionally, the Rewind TV option allows the user to play or pause and rewind live TV for up to 2 hours, whilst the Catch-up feature helps users view the contents of the previous 72 hours.

There is also support for Chromecast, as it is built-in, meaning you can mirror the content playing on your mobile device with a single click.

Coming to the display based features, the Hub is capable of offering the option of 4K content, through which users will be able to enjoy bright, clear and contrasty content.

ViU Hub 2.0 Price

The ViU Hub is available in two price brackets, one at Rs 7,990 for a new connection. Users wishing to upgrade their older connections from Dialog TV can pay the same amount, but it is reduced to Rs 1,990 for users who are part of the company’s Gold Package and Club Vision.

For those of you wondering, the Gold Package is priced at a discounted cost of Rs 3,990 with an exclusive Rs 1,000 cashback offer, which will be added to the user’s monthly bill once 12 months are completed on the network.

The package offers 128 channels, including 10 HD channels and comes with free installation, 24x7 customer support and active additional channels of the users choice. Monthly rentals are priced at Rs 2,099.

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