Huawei and China to Launch Satellites In July for 6G Development

Huawei will have a major lead in the Research and Development globally for the 6G Technology


The development of the 5G network has gained momentum around the globe. Nearly all nations are heavily investing in the 5G networks to offer high-speed internet connection to users. However, Chinese telecom gear maker Huawei is setting the bar high for the industry and working on the next-generation technology, which is 6G. Some days back, we reported that Huawei is gearing up to launch the 6G network in China by the end of 2030. Now new reports coming from China, citing Chang’an Shumajun as the source, reveals that Huawei is prepared to launch two satellites together with two Chinese companies in July 2021. The development aims to verify the 6G network technologies that the company is eyeing for the next revolution in the industry.

Huawei Will Have Major Lead in R&D for the 6G Technology

As the satellites will launch in July month, Huawei will have a major lead in the Research and Development globally for the 6G technology. As reported by Gizmochina, the launch will be a joint effort from Huawei, China Mobile and a national space firm. The launch will hold prime importance for the core technologies of China, such as networking and switching. As marked by several experts, 6G will be the next big thing in the industry, and it will be 50 times faster than the 5G network. The current 5G network that is being capitalised by nations around the globe rely on base stations to transmit signals. However, 6G network technology will use satellites for communications instead of base stations where there will be low penetrability.

Huawei Will Release White Paper to Explain the 6G Technology

It is speculated that 6G technology will take over the 5G network. But since the development has not been initiated, it is difficult to understand the core information related to 6G. In order to aware the users, Xu Zhjun, Chairman of Huawei, said that the company will release a 6G-related white paper soon to explain the upcoming 6G technology. China has embraced the 5G technology completely, is likely to have early access to the 6G as well. Even though there are multiple hindrances, China and Huawei are slowly making the process to make 6G a reality for the world.

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