Virgin Media O2 Launches 2 Gbps Residential Broadband Service in UK

Virgin Media O2 introduces Gig2, a 2 Gbps broadband service with symmetrical speeds across all tiers, setting a new standard in UK internet connectivity.


  • Pricing starts at EUR 84 per month, with additional options for enhanced features.
  • Symmetrical download and upload speeds available across all speed tiers.
  • Virgin Media's Hub 5x router supports XGS-PON technology and is eco-friendly.

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Virgin Media O2 Launches 2 Gbps Residential Broadband Service in UK
Virgin Media O2 (VMO2) has announced the launch of a residential 2 Gbps broadband service and introduced symmetrical download and upload speeds across all speed tiers as an optional add-on for customers in the UK. VMO2 claims to have become the first major provider in the UK to offer such lightning-fast internet to consumers, with broadband speeds more than 28 times faster than the UK average.

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Available on nexfibre network

Virgin Media's Gig2 service, available on the nexfibre network, which is approaching availability to 1 million homes in suburban and semi-rural areas across the UK, including key cities like Belfast, Cardiff, London, and Glasgow, offers 2 Gbps speeds. Powered by advanced XGS-PON technology and operating on a full-fibre network, Gig2 promises to double the speeds of its predecessor, Gig1.

Symmetrical Speeds

VMO said customers in areas covered by the full-fibre network can also opt for symmetrical download and upload speeds, ensuring seamless data transfers in both directions. This upgrade is available across all of Virgin Media's speed tiers – from 50Mbps to 2Gbps, and this feature sets Virgin Media O2 apart as the first major UK provider to offer such an option across all speed tiers.

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Pricing and Packages

Pricing for Gig2 starts at EUR 84 per month, with the option to add symmetrical speeds for an additional EUR 6 per month. Subscribers to Gig2 will receive Virgin Media's Hub 5x router, designed to support XGS-PON technology and enhance WiFi performance for compatible devices.

In addition to faster speeds, Gig2 subscribers can benefit from various add-ons, including Virgin Media's WiFi guarantee and the Volt package for an extra EUR 6 per month, which includes an unlimited O2 SIM. TV streaming options are also available for those looking to enhance their entertainment experience.

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"Those that sign up or upgrade to Gig2 will receive Virgin Media's Hub 5x router – its first to support XGS-PON technology. The Hub 5x is Virgin Media's most energy-efficient router to date, made from 100 percent recycled plastic, and will help to boost in-home WiFi performance by supporting WiFi 6 devices," said VMO2.

nexfibre said: "nexfibre's full-fibre network, powered by XGS-PON technology, provides a platform for progress, as demonstrated by Virgin Media O2's exciting new Gig2 service with symmetrical speed options. As our roll-out continues at pace, we're looking forward to empowering more consumers and businesses with the benefits of our significant investment in the UK's digital infrastructure."

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