WhatsApp Users Will Soon be Able to Hear Voice Notes in the Background

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One feature that WhatsApp missed was the provision to listen to the voice messages in the background. Now WhatsApp appears to be on the verge of introducing it, which would allow users to listen to voice chats or recordings in the background, rather than being limited to the chat window. So far, users can only listen to WhatsApp voice chats if they keep the associated chat window open. The voice conversation will be reset to the beginning when you do the same.

The new feature, according to WABetaInfo, will allow users to browse between chat windows while listening to a voice chat, rather than being limited to one screen. The users on WhatsApp are now unable to switch chat windows. Allowing the voice conversations in the background would encourage more people to utilise the network for voice interactions. However, it is vital to note that the said feature will not allow users to exit the app while the voice note plays in the background.

WhatsApp is Enhancing Voice Features in its Recent Releases

WhatsApp has been improving its voice conversations continually for some time now. The application launched a feature to alter the speed of voice notes. The base feature allows the users to listen to voice recordings at the normal speed at which they are recorded. However, the enhancement allowed users to listen to audio notes at 1.5x or 2x the speed of the voices.

In addition, WhatsApp introduced a feature for the users to preview their voice messages before sending, one of the most recent enhancements. Overall, the text-based platform seems to be bringing novelty to its voice capabilities.

WhatsApp's whole feature set has been continuously expanding. One of the newest things that have been found in its beta stage is additional search filters for WhatsApp for Business. The latter is a move by the service to monetise the platform, which is also one of the most widely used apps on the planet. The WhatsApp voice note background play feature is also in the beta phase, but its increasing appearance signals that it will be included in the app's release shortly.

WhatsApp for iOS beta version 22.1.72 users seem to be using the feature currently. Indian users, too, can anticipate its arrival soon.

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