Twitter Might Soon Allow Shopping Abilities via Shop Module Feature

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Popular micro-blogging site Twitter seems to be working on adding a new feature to the platform that will allow businesses to add a shopping section to the top part of their profiles.

As per the Verge, Twitter's Shop Module feature was launched in the United States of America on Wednesday, with the feature offering a carousel of products for visitors to take a look at.

Tapping on a specific product will then link to a listing with the ability to make a purchase provided to the user, without ever having to move out of Twitter.

Twitter's Shop Module Could Be Great for Businesses

Talking about this, Twitter in a statement stated that the pilot was currently limited to iOS devices for people who are using the service in English.

It added that people seem to be talking about products on Twitter every day, so the company is excited to see how this early exploration of the Shop Module could build a bridge between people talking about and discovering products on Twitter to actually purchasing them.

The feature is now on offer with a few brands, with some of them being GameStop, Arden Cove and ten other brands. The company did fail to reveal a rough timeline of when an expansion to this can be expected.

This comes after other social media giants such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and WhatsApp have introduced new features that can make these platforms into a shopping service, and, even Twitter has tried the same earlier by adding a Buy button within a couple of tweets, but it was officially cancelled in 2017.

The Verge has reported that Twitter's shop module comes after the platform has set its main to make money beyond just ads, one of which was the paid subscription service that offered specific features and a Tip Jar feature for one-time payments.

In other Twitter-related news, the social-media giant had announced last week that it would be testing a way to up and down-vote replies, in a bid to understand what remarks a user might find relevant in their context, and, what they might feel is non-contextual.

This announcement was made after a tweet by Twitter Support, that mentioned that some iPhone users could see this option. Downvotes would not be public as of now, but the upvotes will appear as likes on a particular mention or tweet.

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