TRAI MySpeed October 2022 Data: Circlewise Best Speed Sample Tabulated

We at TelecomTalk, have sorted and filtered the TRAI MySpeed October 2022 - 7,63,010 (download, upload) data samples from the crowdsourced data. The results are tabulated with the highest Download and Upload Speed sample recorded against a specific circle and telco. TRAI has recorded the highest Download Speed of Airtel at 149313 Kbps and Jio's Upload speed at 133437 Kbps.

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TRAI MySpeed October 2022 Data: Circlewise Best Speed Sample Tabulated

We all know TRAI has a crowdsourced Speed Data Analytics App and Portal to empower users with the average speeds delivered by telcos across India. Most of the time, we get fascinated by the crazy download and upload speeds and waste the data by performing speed tests alone.

We also witness people share their crazy download and upload speed test screenshots only to make us feel envious or pitiful, either way possible. Not denying that good download and upload speeds matter and help evaluate the performance of a network or service quality of a telco. But users need to understand that speeds experienced differ from location to location and vary with the Device Handset (Chipset/Modem), Band latched, No. of concurrent users in the location, and the technology deployed at the cell site connected.

A consumer will experience the highest speeds enabled or delivered by the telco only when all the above parameters fall in place as per the standards and requirements.

The curiosity of Maximum Speeds that can be Experienced

Every SpeedTest provider has a methodology to determine the average speeds and publish the results accordingly. In our experience, we hardly see serious users performing speedtests only to know the speed of their network. Unless there is some network issue or quality deficiency experienced, there is no point in performing speed tests just for satisfaction. However, a random check on speeds at our home or work will help us understand the Network quality to take a decision on service provider.

TRAI MySpeed October 2022

Keeping these in mind, as some savy users may be curious to know the highest speed sample recorded in their circle, We have sorted and filtered the TRAI MySpeed October 2022 – 7,63,010 (download, upload) data samples. The data is tabulated with the highest Download and Upload Speed sample recorded by TRAI from the crowdsourced data.

Sl. No Circle No. of Airtel Samples No. of Jio Samples No. of Vi Samples Total Samples Service Provider Highest Download Speed Sample (Kbps) Service Provider Highest Upload Speed Sample (Kbps)
1 Andhra Pradesh & Telangana 3,359 3,875 440 7,674 Airtel 122787 Airtel 66665
2 Assam 209 1043 123 1,375 Airtel 112445 Jio 52746
3 Bihar 2,862 6,668 299 9,829 Airtel 99178 Jio 56690
4 Chennai 622 880 414 1,916 Airtel 113677 Airtel 69519
5 Delhi 3,894 12,421 633 16,948 Airtel 138166 Airtel 81229
6 Gujarat 1,171 2,492 1,887 5,550 Vi 138224 Jio 52937
7 Haryana 22,098 19,305 252 41,655 Jio 99135 Jio 44972
8 Himachal Pradesh 304 356 25 685 Jio 77087 Jio 48586
9 Jammu & Kashmir 206 168 48 422 Jio 75773 Airtel 28163
10 Karnataka 1,881 5,867 609 8,357 Airtel 147587 Airtel 62527
11 Kerala 2,129 4,734 626 7,489 Jio 102391 Jio 48459
12 Kolkata 576 2,121 700 3,397 Airtel 127673 Jio 46497
13 Madhya Pradesh 1,076 3,693 1201 5,970 Vi 108834 Vi 116332
14 Maharashtra & Goa 2,546 4,309 1,719 8,574 Airtel 126523 Jio 88057
15 Mumbai 432 14,435 673 15,540 Jio 104275 Jio 52138
16 North East 435 220 12 667 Airtel 57588 Jio/Airtel 25659/25644
17 Odisha 803 7,474 186 8,463 Jio 138431 Jio 70770
18 Punjab 1,815 3,192 321 5,328 Airtel 103801 Jio 56132
19 Rajasthan 1,400 3,140 524 5,064 Airtel 133836 Jio 103135
20 Tamil Nadu 2,214 4,010 1,179 7,403 Airtel 132537 Vi 62628
21 Uttar Pradesh East 3,586 4,348 758 8,692 Airtel 129552 Jio 132533
22 Uttar Pradesh West 1,177 12,293 398 13,868 Airtel 103493 Jio 52934
23 West Bengal 964 1,528 569 3,061 Airtel 83154 Jio 89126
24 NA 248,030 279,007 40,934 567,971 Airtel 149313 Jio 133437
Total Samples 303,789 397,579 54,530 763,010 (including Cellone)

Data Samples:

The sample numbers of telcos speak for themselves if you keenly observe. Jio has the highest record of Speedtest samples at 3,97,579, followed by Airtel with 3,03,789 and Vi India with 54,530 samples. Of the total samples (upload/download) recorded, 5,68,632 speedtest samples have no LSA against them in the Data Set and are marked with NA. Unfortunately, the highest Download and Upload Speed samples recorded belong to the same data set. As there is no information, we couldn’t conclude to which circle the speed test samples belong. The table do not include BSNL data samples, but FYI, BSNL has recorded 7,112 speed samples against it. 


While we don’t rely or believe in the averaged speedtest results, according to the speedtest samples provided by TRAI, Airtel has highest download speed sample recorded in 15 circles, Jio in 6 circles and Vodafone Idea in 2 circles. Coming to the upload speed, Airtel has highest upload speed sample recorded in 6 circles, Jio in 16 circles and Vodafone idea in 2 circles. 

TRAI has recorded the highest Download Speed of Airtel at 149313 Kbps and Jio’s Upload speed at 133437 Kbps. 

Note: Manual work is involved, and care is taken to avoid any errors. Please report in case of any corrections. Chennai is included separately in the samples and so did we. 

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