Toll Free Number Service Providers Which Will Help You Project a Better Business Identity

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Over the past few years, businesses have extensively worked towards increasing their efforts in direction of customer service. This does not only mean that the brands enjoy better customer retention, but these efforts also make up for more brand loyalty. One of the ways of doing this, is using toll-free numbers. Through a toll-free number which is easy to remember, a business or an entity can make sure that they’re readily accessible and accountable for the customer. Further, solving a customer’s queries with a hint of personal touch becomes many times easier while owing a toll-free number. Here are some of the ways, how having a toll-free number service could really boost your brand image and identity.

Toll Free Number Service Providers

Positive Effect on Customer Retention

Setting up of a toll-free number means that you put your company in a more accessible spot for the consumers. Unlike a website, calling on a uniform number means that the customers can get tailored answers for their queries and they do not have to scourge the internet for hours to just search one bit of information. Further, the personal interaction of the consumer with your company’s representative can be a vital step in establishing a good relationship with your customer. The combined efforts in this direction could mean a massive improvement in your customer retention rate.

Advantage of Remote Working

While using a toll-free number, companies make sure that they don’t get bound to a specific geographical location when it comes to establishing a channel of communication with the customer for the obvious reasons of scalability. Unlike a normal telephone number which has its own geographical and technical limitations, the toll-free number will allow your customers to engage with you from any corner of the country. Even while you decide to migrate your office, or expand your operations, the toll-free number of your company remains the same thus ensuring that there is no disruption.


In the modern-day entrepreneurial environment, trust is the factor which drives sales and word of mouth for any established brand or a new emerging start-up. Having a toll-free number would ensure that you project a uniform brand image out there in the market. Whether it is customers, investors, new leads or media, a single toll-free number will ensure that they all reach out to your company through a single point of contact. After repetitive iterations and usage, this number will increase your credibility as a trust worthy brand in your market.

Marketing Tool

Having a single toll-free number which goes on your billboards, leaflets, advertising campaigns and all other sources can also act a marketing tool. Also, toll free numbers which can double up as vanity numbers will be an extremely advantageous marketing tool for your brand. The number will allow you to create associations for different campaigns which your customers will easily be able to relate to.

Tracking of Advertising Metrics

Every business is also putting out tons of advertisements and focusing a lot on branding, and it is very well known that advertising is a metric driven venture. When it comes to taking feedback from prospective customers regarding your brand campaign, measuring your conversion rates or whether it is about simply A/B testing your ads, nothing beats a one-on-one personal conversation. Keeping that in mind, a toll-free number service like the one which Tata Tele Business Services offers would be the perfect option for your business. This would not only help you develop a good rapport with your customer but will also immensely support your advertisement campaigns by acting as a channel of constant feedback for your efforts.

To sum up, it is evident that as the competition in every segment reaches staggering heights, elements like customer service and brand image will be of prime importance. Instead of just numbers, a business will also be known from the value proposition which it will put out in the market. If there is a list of services with must have things for your business in it, then a toll-free number service would be up amongst the top on that list.

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