You Can Change Your Airtel Digital TV Package This Way

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Airtel Digital TV is the third largest Direct-to-Home (DTH) operator of the country. It offers different kinds of packages to the users. But sometimes, you end up choosing the wrong package for yourself. However, the DTH operator allows users to change their channel package whenever they feel like. Users can do so by going to the mobile app or the website of the service provider. If customers wish, they can also go for the a-la-carte system. If there is any issue in terms of using the website or the mobile app manually, users can directly call the customer care number of Airtel Digital TV and switch their package from the help of the company’s employees. We are listing down the steps you can follow to change your Airtel Digital TV package through both the website and the mobile app.

How to Change Airtel Digital TV Package Using Website?

First of all, visit the website of Airtel from your computer. Then log-in with your registered number of customer-ID. Then you will receive an OTP which you will have to enter to authenticate the login. Once you are logged in, just go to the ‘Digital TV’ section present at the left sidebar. Then click on ‘Manage TV Channels’ where you will find the ‘Edit Current Plan’ option, click on it.

Now you can select a new package for yourself. Once you have selected the new package you want to go with, just click on the ‘Select this Plan’ button. Lastly, you have to click on the ‘Confirm & Charge’ option so that you can get the selected package.

How to Change Airtel Digital TV Package Using Mobile App?

Start with opening the Airtel application and finding the ‘DTH connection’ details. You will find a card which will display your DTH connection, tap on it and then tap on ‘My Account’ link. Once done, scroll down and find ‘Manage TV Channels’ and tap on it. Further, tap on the ‘Edit current plan’ option and just find yourself a new package.

Once you have found the package you want to go with, just tap on the ‘Select’ button and you will be all set after you tap on the ‘Confirm and Change’ option. Just ensure that whatever package you choose, you are checking its summary and contents to not make the mistake of choosing the wrong channel package.

As mentioned above, you can also call the Airtel customer care mobile number or even email them to help you with changing your DTH pack.

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