Telia Lietuva Launches VoWiFi Service, Enabling Seamless Voice Calls

Telia introduces VoWiFi, enabling customers to make voice calls over Wi-Fi networks in locations with limited mobile signal. The service comes at no additional cost and offers improved call quality and extended battery life.


  • Telia launches VoWiFi, allowing voice calls over Wi-Fi in areas with weak mobile coverage.
  • VoWiFi service is free of charge for Telia customers.
  • Improved call quality comparable to CD sound recording.

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Telia Lietuva Launches VoWiFi Service

Telia Lietuva has announced the introduction of Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) service, allowing customers to make voice calls in areas with weak or no mobile signal coverage. This new service, available at no additional cost, requires users to have a compatible smart device supporting VoWiFi functionality, according to the company's blog post.

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Device Compatibility

According to Telia, VoWiFi service is available on popular Android models initially, with support for Apple phones planned in the near future.

VoWiFi service Cost

Telia says the VoWiFi service is offered to its customers at no additional cost. The service utilizes the existing prepaid plan minutes, similar to regular mobile calls.

Improved coverage

VoWiFi complements Telia's earlier VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology, bringing traditional voice calls closer to digital communication platforms like Messenger, Viber, and WhatsApp. Telia said, VoWiFi allows users to make calls using any Wi-Fi network available, filling gaps in mobile coverage, such as basements or areas with thick walls.

Automatic connection

Telia shared that once VoWiFi is activated, and the Wi-Fi connection is prioritized in the call settings, the phone will automatically connect to a fixed Wi-Fi connection from the mobile network for the highest call quality. When there is no good Wi-Fi available, the phone will revert to the mobile connection.

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VoWiFi Benefits

Apart from compensating for weak mobile coverage, VoWiFi provides improved call quality comparable to CD sound recording. It also consumes less energy, resulting in longer-lasting phone batteries and reduced strain on mobile base stations, leading to lower electricity consumption and environmental impact.

Expansion and availability

Telia mentions that VoWiFi debuted in the United States nearly a decade ago and gained popularity in countries where full mobile coverage was challenging. Telia said although the telco covers 99 percent of 4G and 5G territories in Lithuania, certain areas may have obstacles affecting mobile communication. VoWiFi ensures reliable communication for users in remote areas with access to high-quality wireless internet.

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Device compatibility

Currently, VoWiFi is supported on various phone models, including Xiaomi, OnePlus, Nokia, Nothing Phone, Asus ROG Phone, Samsung, Pixel, Sony, and CAT devices. Telia plans to expand the range of phone models supporting VoWiFi by the end of the year.

By introducing VoWiFi, Telia aims to provide enhanced communication options and address challenges related to mobile coverage, ensuring reliable voice calls and improved call quality for its customers.

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