Flexential Announces Data Center Capacity Expansion in Atlanta and Hillsboro, Adding Over 110 MW

Flexential announces the construction of new data center facilities in Atlanta, Georgia, and Hillsboro, Oregon, in response to increasing customer needs for reliable and efficient data center solutions.


  • Flexential plans to build a new 36 MW facility in Atlanta, complementing the previously announced 22.5 MW expansion.
  • In Hillsboro, Flexential will complete the first phase of the Hillsboro 4 facility by fall 2023 and proceed with the fifth facility's construction.
  • Flexential focuses on sustainable design principles, targeting high efficiency and environmentally friendly practices.

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Flexential Unveils Plans for New Data Centers in Atlanta and Hillsboro

Flexential, a data centre colocation, cloud services, and connectivity provider, has announced its plans to boost capacity by constructing new facilities in Atlanta, Georgia, and Hillsboro, Oregon. According to the official release, these expansions aim to cater to the growing needs of customers seeking reliable and efficient data centre solutions.

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Capacity Developments in Atlanta

In Atlanta, Flexential will commence the phased development of a new 36 MW facility at its existing Atlanta-Douglasville campus. This project complements the 22.5 MW expansion announced in late 2022, further strengthening Flexential's presence in the highly connected Atlanta metro area.

The initial phases of the 22.5 MW facility are scheduled to be available for customers within this year. These developments take the overall capacity to over 58 MW in Atlanta.

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Capacity Developments in Hillsboro

Simultaneously, Flexential revealed plans to complete the first phase of its Hillsboro 4 facility in Portland by the fall of 2023. The Hillsboro 4 project will be followed by the construction the fifth facility in the market. Flexential has announced that they are currently planning Hillsboro 5, a 36 MW facility, to address the growing need for data centre solutions in the Portland market.

These developments will add two new data centres to the Hillsboro region, increasing capacity by an additional 54 MW in Oregon. Meanwhile, the Hillsboro 4 and 5 development projects in Portland will be strategically located adjacent to Flexential's largest development to date, the 36 MW Hillsboro 3 data centre.

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Sustainability Measures

Flexential said its new facilities will employ sustainable design principles to increase efficiency and promote environmentally friendly practices. These new projects will strive to achieve a Power Usage Efficiency target of 1.4 and aim for zero Water Usage Efficiency (WUE) to qualify for funding under Flexential's Green Finance Framework.

Fifth Generation Design

Moreover, Flexential's fifth-generation design of the data centres will be optimized to meet the escalating power and density requirements of AI and GPU-driven high-performance compute deployments.

Serving Atlanta for over Two Decades

Flexential has been serving customers in Atlanta for over two decades through its three interconnected data centres across various business regions. Flexential said the new expansion in Atlanta-Douglasville will enhance the existing infrastructure, enabling the company to better support its growing customer base in the region.

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Flexential, which encompasses 41 data centres, also mentioned that the company is actively pursuing additional capacity options in Denver, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Tampa throughout 2023.

The expansion projects in Hillsboro will provide scalable solutions to customers and contribute to one of the largest data centre footprints in Oregon, with over 110MW of actively deployed capacity available in the market.

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