Telia Completes 99 Percent 5G Network Coverage in Lithuania With Ericsson

Telia, in collaboration with Ericsson, completes the 5G network upgrade in Lithuania, providing 99 percent coverage across the country and positioning it as a digital leader.


  • Telia and Ericsson announce the successful completion of the 5G network upgrade in Lithuania, achieving 99 percent coverage.
  • Despite challenges and delays, Telia's proactive preparations enable 75 percent of the population to access 5G on launch day.
  • Lithuania surpasses many European countries and major global players in 5G coverage, positioning itself as a leader.

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Telia Completes 99 Percent 5G Network Coverage in Lithuania With Ericsson

Lithuania has reached a major milestone in its 5G network deployment as Telia, in partnership with Ericsson, announces the completion of its mobile network upgrade. Telia Lietuva has achieved 99 percent coverage of the country's territory with 5G connectivity, according to the official statement.

Telia and Ericsson Complete Network Upgrade

The successful deployment of 5G infrastructure by Telia Lietuva and Ericsson in Lithuania is a significant step towards realizing the country's digital ambitions. Telia said by achieving 99 percent 5G coverage, Lithuania joins the elite group of European countries leading the way in 5G adoption.

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Rapid Deployment of 5G Infrastructure

The successful deployment of 5G in Lithuania is impressive, especially considering the obstacles faced and the short amount of time it took to complete the deployment, said Telia. Prolonged negotiations with neighbouring countries regarding 5G frequencies pushed Lithuania to the bottom of the European 5G rankings, and commercial frequency auctions were only conducted last autumn. However, Telia said they were prepared well in advance, enabling them to provide 75 percent of the country's population with access to the new generation of connectivity on the very first day of 5G activation.

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5G Coverage Milestones

According to Telia, Lithuania has surpassed most of the Nordic countries, as well as the USA, Germany, and Japan, in terms of 5G coverage, with a 99 percent coverage rate. However, Telia notes that Estonia and Finland are lagging a few percent behind in their 5G development.

Telia also said its investment of 400 million Euros in network infrastructure and IT competencies has paid off, positioning Lithuania as an attractive destination for investors and technology innovators.

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Telia's Energy Efficiency Measures

In Lithuania, Telia currently operates 1,650 5G mobile base stations. To save energy, they have implemented a smart "sleeping" AI algorithm program to monitor and regulate power usage at the stations, resulting in around 10 percent energy savings.

Telia said the algorithm monitors the station load, the number of users and other significant parameters in real-time and thus optimizes the power of the radio transmitters.

Additionally, the new 5G network is about 10 times more efficient in utilizing electrical energy, which aligns with Telia's goal of achieving zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2030.

Lithuania Users can now Embrace Summer

With 99 percent 5G coverage achieved, Lithuania can now embrace the summer season with even greater enthusiasm. The widespread availability of 5G connectivity allows for remote work in rural areas without the limitations of fibre-optic cables, while high-resolution films and music can be enjoyed in previously undiscovered corners of the country.

Telia has completed its mobile network upgrade with Ericsson equipment and covered 99 percent of the network with 5G. The completion of Telia's 5G network upgrade in Lithuania is a testament to the country's commitment to digital transformation and its readiness to embrace the future.

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