Telia Estonia Partners With Sunly to Operate 100 Solar Powered Mobile Sites

Sunly, a renewable energy solutions developer in the Baltics and Poland, has agreed to construct and manage 100 solar panel systems to power Telia's 100 mobile sites in Estonia for the next 15 years, as of April 13. This project contributes to Telia's ongoing endeavors in energy and climate management.


  • Telia Estonia and Sunly will install 100 solar panel systems to produce renewable energy.
  • The solar panel systems will power 70% of Telia's mobile sites, with the remaining 30% sold to the electricity grid.
  • The project will be operational by the end of 2024.

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Telia Estonia Partners With Sunly to Operate 100 Solar Powered Mobile Sites

Telia Estonia has partnered with a renewable energy company in the Baltics and Polan, Sunly, to install 100 solar panel systems to advance Telia's environmental agenda further. The solar panel systems, each comprising 36 panels covering 90 square meters, will have a total capacity of 1.8 MW and are expected to produce an estimated 1.8 GWh of energy annually.

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Telia's Efforts to achieve net-zero emission

Of the energy produced, 70% will be used by Telia's mobile sites, while the remaining 30% will be sold to the electricity grid. The project is part of Telia Estonia's efforts to secure a renewable energy supply and to work towards achieving a net-zero-emission, circular business model.

According to the statement, Sunly's full-service lease will enable Telia to become a solar energy producer without having to invest in buying, installing, and maintaining the necessary equipment and hardware. This project would allow tens of thousands of Telia customers to use mobile services powered by solar energy this year.

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The first solar panel systems will be set up next to Telia's mobile sites in spring 2023, with all systems expected to be operational by the end of 2024. About a third of the systems will be built during 2023, providing approximately 600 kW of renewable energy capacity.

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100% Renewable Energy usage since 2020

Telia Estonia has been using 100% renewable electricity since 2020 and has already reduced CO2 emissions from its own operations by 85% since 2018. The company is striving towards a circular business model achieved through responsible digitalization, which will involve Telia's employees, partners, and suppliers.

Selection of Telia Mobile Sites Powered by Solar

Sunly selected which Telia mobile sites would be powered by its solar panel systems after considering the environmental impact and the grid's ability to integrate solar panel systems at various locations. The collaboration with Sunly is another significant step towards achieving Telia Estonia's environmental goals and securing a sustainable future.

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