Telia Shuts Down 3G Network in Denmark to Focus On 4G and 5G

Telia, the Danish telecommunications company, has shut down the remaining 3G network to make way for the expansion of 4G and 5G technologies, which will offer greater capacity, speed, stability, and security. The move will also simplify and streamline the overall mobile network infrastructure.


  • Telia has shut down its remaining 3G network in Denmark to focus on 4G and 5G technologies.
  • Telia's mobile network consists of over 4,300 mobile sites and is jointly owned by Telia and Telenor.
  • The equipment from the 3G network will either be reused elsewhere or recycled.

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Telia Shuts Down 3G Network in Denmark to Focus On 4G and 5G

Telia, one of Denmark's leading mobile network providers, has announced the complete shutdown of its remaining 3G network. Telia's decision to phase out the outdated network aims to pave the way for 4G and 5G network technologies that promise greater capacity, speed, stability, and security.

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3G opened up Possibilities

Telia shared nostalgic experiences with the 3G network in its release. Telia Denmark said, "The 3G network enabled users to access data on their mobile phones, opening up new possibilities beyond mere voice and text messaging. The network introduced users to the idea of accessing the internet on the go and sharing pictures and data with each other. The speed was not revolutionary, but the concept and the possibilities were entirely new."

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Phasing out Old Technology

For Telia, phasing out old technology (Legacy Network), is an essential factor. By removing the outdated 3G equipment, the overall mobile network can be made simpler, more efficient, and reliable. The company plans to use the freed-up bandwidth and frequencies to expand its 4G and 5G networks, providing greater capacity, speed, stability, security, and energy efficiency.

On the 5G network, the speed can reach up to 1,000 Mbps, which is 1,000 times faster than 3G Network according to the telco.

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Recycling Equipment

Approximately 13,000 pieces of electronic equipment, including servers, switches, and mobile transmitters, from the 3G network that are no longer needed, will be sold to a partner who will either use the equipment elsewhere or recycle it.

Mobile Sites

Telia's mobile network comprises more than 4,300 mobile sites jointly owned by Telia and Telenor. With the complete shutdown of the 3G network, the mobile network will now consist of 2G, 4G, and 5G technologies.

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Network Upgrades

The 4G part of the network is undergoing a massive upgrade simultaneously as the 5G technology is being rolled out across the network. As a result, Telia's mobile network has recently been ranked at the top of the quality measurement in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, and Aalborg by the international consulting firm Umlaut.

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